Card expired and funds gone. No response from card issuer, what should I do?

Logged into my account and credit-card balance gone! Looked at my card and it had expired. No warning messages via e-mail just gone! I thought a new card would be sent automatic well before expire date like other banks do. This is very poorly handle by Goldmoney and the card issuer. What happens if I die? Who will then be able to reclaim funds?

I have sent 2 e-mails to help.p[email protected] to reclaim funds but still no response. Not even a automatic response message.

A business like Goldmoney is built on confidence. This kind of incidents certainly don't help build confidence.

Anyone else who have got response or been able to reclaim funds?

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  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,068 Admin
    Have you tried the email support portal? Here is the direct link:
  • Lars_GLars_G Posts: 6 Tin ✭
    Yes I have. Goldmoney came back with a reply within 24h. They say they can not influence the card issuer. This is a major flaw that a card can expire without any kind of warning to the card owner. Suddenly your funds are gone and card balanse vanish from your Goldmoney account. You then get instructed send a e-mail to [email protected] to reclaim funds and they dont even send a automatic confirmation reply. Have sent 3 emails over 3 days and no response.
  • diegofeijoodiegofeijoo Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    and another question, they will reissue a card to those who no longer see the card in the portal?????
  • Lars_GLars_G Posts: 6 Tin ✭
    Just now I got a reply from CardPortal. CardPortal instruct customer to contact Goldmoney and Goldmoney instruct customers to contact CardPortal! Unbelievable! Copy below,

    "Dear Cardholder,
    Please note that your merchant, GoldMoney, has been made aware of your inquiry and will be handling further communication regarding the issue you are currently experiencing.
    While they have already been made aware, we would invite you to contact them as well at [email protected]
    For more timely assistance, please ensure that all future inquiries are sent directly to this address as well.
    We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.
    Best Regards,
    Customer Support Team"

    A few hours earlier reply from Goldmoney

    "Dear Mr.,
    Thank you for your message.
    I apologize for Intercash not responding to your emails.
    Can you please email them again making sure that you are including your SAN number? That is a 9 digit code found on the back of the card.
    Please remember to email them from this email account as they will not respond to emails that come from other accounts that are not associated with the card.
    Kind regards,
    Daniel Cowitz
    Relationship Manager

    So Goldmoney instruct customers to contact CartPortal witch is the card issuer and CardPortal instruct customer to contact Goldmoney!

  • Lars_GLars_G Posts: 6 Tin ✭
    10 January I got reply from Goldmoney claiming it is all a mistake and funds will be return after I fill an attached document.

    "My apologies for the confusion.
    Please complete the following document and send it back to me. I will send it to our card issuer who will then send the funds back to your Goldmoney account.
    Unfortunately we are no longer issuing new or replacement prepaid cards for our Goldmoney Personal clients.
    If you wanted a new prepaid card, you would need to open a Goldmoney Holding, have it fully verified, and have a Holding balance of at least 1000 USD or the equivalent in metal and currency.
    Please let me know if you have any other questions. "

    I still have as of today 14 January not received any funds back on the account or any other feedback from Goldmoney.
  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 821 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    That's great that you are getting resolution on your card. There was a couple months of announcements and communication (I received an email) that GoldMoney cannot use the EU card provider for non-EU customers. Apparently you did not receive or see the one that was probably sent to you. I don't think Goldmoney works on the weekend so it has really only been 1.5 business days since you heard from the card issuer. I have no doubt that Goldmoney will followup and return your funds.
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