Is Goldmoney becoming more like brokerage?

JayJayJayJay Posts: 26 Tin ✭
I see this new active trading an indication that Goldmoney becoming more like a brokerage account? Anyone second guessing if your metals are actually 1:1 reserved?


  • GadsillaGadsilla Posts: 131 Bronze ✭✭✭
    edited January 14
    Goldmoney has always been transparent about everything, I don't see why anyone would suspect GM of not having a 1:1 gold reserve. Also, goldmoney is buying it from gold reserves which is why you're paying storage fees. All those gold reserves are audited to confirm that they've got the reserves.

    What's wrong with having a trading platform ?
  • ProsperProsper Posts: 14 Tin ✭
    I hope that means we will eventually gain leverage with our trades? GM should definitely partner with a brokerage to extend the capabilities of its beta. There is such a diverse set of instruments that we may invest in that GM being a medium for that exchange would increase customer delight, mine included.
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