prepaid cards

paddy10tellyspaddy10tellys Posts: 249 Bronze ✭✭✭
I've got into a right muddle with this...

How would I go about moving USD that I have on a prepaid card that I loaded when I was just using a personal account to my GM holding?



  • RegulatorRegulator Posts: 13 Tin ✭
    First do you have a gold money holdings acct?
    Second if you do, to my knowledge the only way to transfer to that acct is through precious metals. So if you want USD in that acct, you might need to pay 1% in fees to move USD CC->buy gold->Move to holdings->sell gold->USD

    To be frank I have not held a CC in my goldmoney personal acct. Let alone withdrawn from it since the cards were forced to be dissolved by the EU for non-EU acct holders.
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