Physical Delivery - No Updates or Response

mb6mb6 Posts: 1 Tin ✭
I have a gold redemption that was confirmed on January 10th for ~$4000.

I have a confirmation number and within the email that was sent to me it shows that I would be getting a follow up email with a tracking number.

I never received a follow up email. I have sent 3 messages to the support mailbox with no response.

I logged into my holding account and my balance is depleted....yet I have nothing to show for.

What do I do at this point?


  • NoKingButChristNoKingButChrist Posts: 12 Tin ✭
    Did you ever get this resolved?
  • AgSpiderAgSpider Posts: 5 Tin ✭
    Hey mb6 . . . Yes . . . I am also concerned @ UR situation . . . If it's not too much of an intrusion here . . . I would also like to if you have had some sort of resolution regarding UR difficulty . . I do believe that your problem is also EVERYONES problem / resolution since we are ALL putting in just as much faith into as well .
  • AgSpiderAgSpider Posts: 5 Tin ✭
    know (inserted).
  • GadsillaGadsilla Posts: 130 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Goldmoney is doing its best, I can tell you guys that. There's a lot of anger aimed at Goldmoney when it should be aimed at regulators and governments around the world. It profits Goldmoney more when things work, contact support from your holding and ask them to keep you updated. They're there to help you.
  • JayJayJayJay Posts: 23 Tin ✭
    That's why I don't take physical delivery. I just sell withdraw funds and go buy it myself. Never request for physicals because they will charge you fees if request of physical doesn't meet requirement.
  • AgSpiderAgSpider Posts: 5 Tin ✭
    Thank You for your advice guys ! I will give it a few more days (up to 10) and then I will inquire . . . I do appreciate your input(s) & advice ! Best Regards 2 U all . . . & keep on stacking Guys . . . = >
  • luckyloveluckylove Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    I too is still waiting for my delivery. it was requested 4 weeks ago and no sign of it as yet. very disappointed with their service. make me wonder if they have any gold at all.
  • artsharkartshark Posts: 11 Tin ✭
    On January 21 2019 I requested some physical redemption and as of today (FEB 13th 2019) nothing has been done. I am sick that I talked friends and relatives into GM accounts. I have a string of emails and promises from the GM team...but the bottom line is I have a confirmation number and I'm out $15,000. It all sounded so good....Global access and easy redemption..What a JOKE!!! I can buy from any dealer in the U.S. and have metal in hand within 2 business days. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THIS COMPANY!
  • JayJayJayJay Posts: 23 Tin ✭
    Just sell your metals and transfer the funds back to your bank.
  • artsharkartshark Posts: 11 Tin ✭
    Hi JayJay.. Once you request a physical redemption and they confirm the transaction, you have no more control over the funds or the metal until it is shipped to you. The whole idea behind GM was to own Physical metal...stored in a vault... with instant access should there be a crisis or need for it. There is no crisis right now and still it has been almost a month without receiving my gold. There are many others the GM community experiencing the same fate as myself. If a crisis does hit....I don't believe you will ever see your gold!! Just my opinion.
  • NoKingButChristNoKingButChrist Posts: 12 Tin ✭
    @artshark, When you say, "I don't believe you will ever see your gold". That is my exact fear with this company.
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