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Thoughts on ''$XAUMF'' ? It keeps breaking support, it's at an all-time low so if it's isn't a collapse it'll likely rebound. RSI is 39, float is under 100m and trading volume is at around 20k, it's pretty empty. Thoughts on XAUMF ?


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    Without looking at the stock price, there are a few big arguments against Goldmoney:
    1) Sometimes a very slow response.
    2) Roy is nearly only promoting MENE.

    However, there are more chances than risks:
    1) Mastercard (Goldmoney should promote this more)
    2) Keep your Gold/Silber outside of, for example, EU for a small fee
    3) People from the crypto currency community invest in Gold
    4) There are a lot of insider trades that buy Goldmoney stocks and nobody is selling them.

    To sum it up, I strongly believe in Goldmoney. The stock price would probably rise very fast in case of more marketing and promotion activities.
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    Peter Schiff promoted goldmoney on the Joe Rogan show and they were backed up for months causing many negative reviews. I think the demand is so large for this platform that they can't promote it on a large scale until they are done building out the infrastructure to handle the inflow of new users.
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    as far as share price goes Roy has said that he wants the shares to be as rare as gold. If gold ever does make a multi year run I think a market cap north of a billion dollars is possible that would put shares over 10 dollars. In a perfect storm a 10 billion market cap and shares are over 100 dollars!!! then I retire 😎
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    100 dollar per share would bring you all a free beer, too (I will pay). :D
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    I joined years ago (2014?) but it looks like this concept never took off. That Goldmoney joined crypto hype in late 2017 tells you a lot.
    They will have to close down or merge soon (again).
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    The platform statistics show that GM grows slowly (but it grows). The tranaction volume is also relatively high. I think we just have to wait for the next Gold hype.
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    well looks like earnings are a flop... now the long wait for June and the year end conference call. Owning this stock has been a great test of patience for me... also a complete disaster.
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    I do not get it. Why is the stock price falling? It is actually time for a big party. :|
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    I think that there has been a lack of news on their execution and management focus on Goldmoney. When I say lack of management focus I mean low-hanging fruit measures such as hosting a conference call every quarterç Explaining why Josh Crumb left and why they still have dual IR roles and dual CEO roles. Whether they'd consider taking the business private and hurting the long term holders. By doing this a lot of confidence would come back.

    Other things that are truly hurting the user experience: We still don't have access to the gold credit card and a slick app for both Goldmoney and MENE. They don't tell you that you'd have to report your holding to IRS in FATCA if you put more than 10k USD in it. They haven't opened the physical branches in NY, Texas and Europe as promised for a while. They should enable ACH transactions in the US. They should have a majority control in LBT and could make a better job of integrating the holding to Mene, Schiff & LBT. Blockvault is taking a long time to come live.

    I think management is super smart and is working tirelessly. They know all of this that I have said. IMO this stock is VERY attractive and fell that if it moves 10-15% higher we'll start seeing positive momentum behind it but we need positive real changes.
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    I totally agree with you. @Roy Sebag : any comments on this? Thank you.
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,021 Admin
    25/19 Feb 22/19 Goldmoney Inc. Direct Ownership Common Shares 38 - Redemption, retraction, cancellation, repurchase 40,000 $1.60

    Feb 25/19 Feb 25/19 Goldmoney Inc. Direct Ownership Common Shares 38 - Redemption, retraction, cancellation, repurchase 39,300 $1.60

    ^ I would add this to the conversation
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    The current stock volume for the day is 1,260,414. :D
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    Hi @Goldmatters - where did you get this info? What does it mean? are these the share buybacks that mgmt promised? The stock seemed to have found a floor at CAD 1.60

    Hi @nie - both yesterday and today have been very active days. I called the analyst at GMP Securities (which Goldmoney states as covering them from an equity research perspective in their quarterly presentation), but the guys said he had dropped coverage and this was a very confusing story. He doesn't seem to get the amazing opportunity that is ahead of ourselves.
    The only sell side coverage appears to be Mackie Research and the guy hasn't updated his price target in forever.
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,021 Admin
    Hello @GM_enthusiast . There is site call Canadian insider that publishes this information every day, on almost all stocks not just XAU.

    What it means is that GM bought back 80,000 shares in the past couple days. What THAT means is up to interpretation.

    Generally, companies buy back their own stocks because they feel it is severely undervalued.
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    edited February 28
    There is still no app. @Goldmatters: It seems to be that you have contact to @Roy Sebag. Could you please ask him whether there will be an app in the future?
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,021 Admin
    Hello @nie

    Have you tried [email protected] ? If there is a publicly available answer thats a good place to start
  • GM_enthusiastGM_enthusiast Posts: 9 Tin ✭
    Stock is moving now!
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    The waiting time seems to be over - finally. B)
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    I am very much appreciating the rise in stock price! It seems to be responding very well to the removal of cryptocurrency and the recent buybacks. Let's hope we grow up to be a big stock someday!
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