If the GM prepaid card is not available for US customers, what value does GM really have for US?

the prepaid card has not been available to US customers for at least the past 6 mos. In essence, without the prepaid card, then GM is really just a seller of Gold. What is the difference between opening a Schiff Gold account and just having your gold stored in a vault? That way, at least you know your Gold is physically present at a vault and is being held in your name. For EU and Canadian customers who have access to the prepaid card, I can see a benefit, but at this point for US customers, i really don't see the benefit anymore. BTW, i have been a customer of GM for around two years now. But I am ready to leave and use UPMA.org instead. Thoughts?


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    I have been with GM for about two years . I opened the account for global access and easy redemption of Physical metal. As a U.S. customer the prepaid card was very important and once taken away..there was no need to store my wealth with GM. I put a request for physical on JAN 21 2019..and as of today (FEBRUARY 13th 2019) have not received my physical metals. BE CAREFUL IM NOT SURE WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS COMPANY!!! The customer service is the worst I have ever experienced!!
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    Did you call them? I direct contact is usually fast and a direct message gets a response within a few days (my experience).
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    @artshark As I understand it, the delivery of physical metals has to be coordinated with SchiffGold. Is that correct? I sold some of my holdings at GM and had no issues having the proceeds transferred to by bank. But I have not attempted to have any metals physically delivered.
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    Yes you send your Goldmoney holding metal to Schiff Gold's holding and they process/ship you the physical metal. I did this last week. Expecting shipment Tuesday. Just call Schiff Gold and they walk you through it.
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