Mastercard Marketing ???

This was NOT Mentioned AT ALL . . . during THE Product/Services Marketing of Their Mastercard !! PLEASE ELABORATE !!!! Please note that the selected card applicant cannot apply for a prepaid card due to temporary regional restrictions. We appreciate your patience while work with our card issuer to re-enable issuance for non-European Economic Area applicants.


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    NOTE: I currently reside in Pennsylvania - USA . . .
    HELLO I Have been very dissapointed with the services of GOLDMONEY. This is an organisation that does not deserve our money to looked after. I am a pensioner and have small funds with the company. A few monhts ago they asked me to do a full account verifivatiom. Well, this is when all hell broke loose. We are 6 months later and still I do not have the full access. I paid personal courier with all the necssary papers to UK, I got mails from their team in Canada (who dont seem to speak to their UK colleagues), have many many mails from the CSR in London asking my name (!!) and apologising for the delay whilst adding e verytime different requests. To me this seems to be a very junior company who does not has the system in place to deal with global customers. For me the experience has been very bad and I do not wish anybody to go through this. I recommend you think twice before you sign up. I will close my account as soon as I can.
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    Hm, my (new) account was verified within a few days last December. Maybe you should retry it?
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    My verification process was very smooth. I sent an envelope with the completed form and papers to uk, by post, and the holding was verified in several days upon receipt.

    I live in EEU. Most if not all complaints here come from the US, I'm pretty sure the US federal legal requirements are the root of all evils.
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    I don't see why you guys do this. I'm currently residing in the U.S aswell, Goldmoney wants you to have the possibility to recieve your mastercard. However, due to regulators it isn't an easy case at all. If it was up to Goldmoney we'd obviously have the prepaid cards all over the world.
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    @VERYANNOYED Read this:

    It was extremely hard for me to get approved as well. When Goldmoney works on regulatory compliance they're basicly the first ones doing it, it isn't like a bank where you can follow previous steps. Peter Schiff said "If it was up to us we'd approved you all in 10 minutes". Remember that, they want you as a costumer.
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    Just verified Holding have start emailing early........ I waited it took 4 months....they do it right....they want confirmation....... so stay at it....
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