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Why is taking so long.... made a Bank Wire on the 22nd and still pending? Come on, seriously?

I cannot do business that way. What if I want to buy some metal at certain price and missed the chance because it takes a Snail pace to make a deposit.

Also, what is the quickest way? PayPal charge a hefty fee, so is out of the question.


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    Bank wires in my experience are sometimes delayed. It's usually not the fault of Goldmoney.

    I now have a reliable bank wire process using Citibank (which does not charge any fees for wire transfers) to Goldmoney's RBC.

    I was always hesitant to use bank wire transfers, and would prefer Credit Card/Paypal. But I then thought let me give it a shot. My objective was to find a fee free bank wire provider or at least a low fee bank wire transfer method. I tried using Transferwise and Citibank. Both worked, but Citibank was free so that's the one I am going with.

    You then have to fund your holding account in advance, to take advantage of gold price advantages. This is the smart thing to do, rather than initiate the bank wire when the gold price is right.

    Hope that helps a little.
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