Goldmoney refocusing

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My interpretation of recent events:

For a good portion of 2018, I had become disappointed with Goldmoney's functionality. First the Goldmoney App disappeared and then the MasterCard seized functioning for USA last fall. (The toe-dipping into crypto was confusing as well.) I read on the forums about users having issues redeeming physical gold too. All of these things made me a little leery - I ended up redeeming most of my holding into physical metal through SchiffGold(which was an interesting process), but left a little in my account because I still believe in what they were doing.

Fast forward to the last few weeks and it seems like Roy and Co are buckling down. They announced they were out of the crypto game, they have become a payment option on Mene, and SchiffGold has integrated into the online platform for a smoother experience.

Perhaps, Roy was more focused on Mene last year(completely understandable) and now that things are up and running(very smoothly based on my experience), perhaps he is giving more time to Goldmoney. I'm almost positive that exiting crypto was a decision based on the red tape of being an international finance company.

I hope that things continue to move in the direction they have taken in the last few weeks and I will cautiously start building up that holding again.


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    Excellent post, batgold. I am a client of Goldmoney and a shareholder of both Goldmoney and Mene. (Of course, any shareholder of Goldmoney is a de facto shareholder of Mene).
    I like the fact that news is quiet and there are no BS releases just to goose up the stock price. Mene is still advertising heavily on Youtube and and I believe the focus will change to Goldmoney if gold continues its uptrend ( as I expect to happen, but we may have to wait until the 2nd half of the year)
    Admittedly, 2018 was a year of false hopes. (NYSE listing, Goldmoney China,) but that is behind us and I am ready for more upside surprises which is already being reflected in 50% stock price move in the past month.
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    I agree with the previous comments, it seems that things are looking up.

    My journey was slow and steady. I joined early as a customer, bought gold often but slowed down as options in the Network account dried up. It made sense for GM to charge for storage, free storage is I think unsustainable as a business model.

    I eventually moved my gold to a Gold Holding. My verification process was not the quickest, but fairly easy. Right now I am trying some Bank Wire Transfers to test things out. I like the website and the RM's are responsive and prompt.

    At the end of the day, I am convinced of most of Roy Sebag's philosophy and am willing to think long term. At present I am just buying metal. Would love to use the prepaid card in Australia, I hope its on the road map.
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    Where the heck is the debit card for Canada and the way to spend our Gold? Incredible. If it's a regulatory issue can't they at least say that??
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    we want the reccurent buying option back! ;)
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    Nc1 said:

    we want the reccurent buying option back! ;)

    I totally agree. This is exactly what I need next to lower funding fees.
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