Check out this infographic released by Goldmoney regarding gold and bitcoin


  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 763 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    I LOVE this infographic. I have so much gratitude for the pointy-headed people who take the time to think through this stuff and write it down so clearly for the rest of us! I think we all know at a basic level that without the current IT infrastructure, cryptocurrency is dead in the water, but we're told that that argument is too catastrophic. It is nice to have these measurements with which to comprehend and discuss the infrastructure requirements without having to discuss meteors, sunspots, or WWIII. Of course the Anunnaki (aliens) will be coming back for our gold...hopefully they are willing to compensate us for it and not just vaporize us with their ray guns. :-)
  • pppppppp Posts: 31 Tin ✭
    What a shame people on both sides pit gold and BTC against each other. It's just bug's of a different kind. Why not be pragmatic and not ideological about it. Both can co-exist.

    Goldmoney's venture into the Crypto and then sudden withdrawal at the bottom of the market has been a complete debacle for a lot of customers.
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