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In case anyone missed it, @ReneeWei of Goldmoney has provided a response regarding some confusion mentioned in a few threads here regarding a message some people might or might not have received from Goldmoney.

Here it is:

“Hi all, Renee here from Goldmoney. If you received an account closure email notification, it’s because you have a Goldmoney account which 1) has not completed verification, AND 2) is not funded, AND 3) has not been logged in for three months or more. As a regulated custodian, Goldmoney will never seize clients’ asset, no matter how often you log into your account. There has been some confusion because in some cases, clients have multiple accounts with Goldmoney – perhaps one for Goldmoney Personal and one for Goldmoney Holding. You may have received a notification because one of your accounts meet the above mentioned criteria (not verified, not funded and not logged in for 3 months) and we intend to close that account only, if you no longer need it. Rest assured that if you have a verified Goldmoney account, your asset is always safe with us. The account closure emails are designed to rid our platform of empty duplicate accounts and people who are no longer interested in using our service. By doing that, we can focus our energy and resources on better serving our clients more effectively. “

In addition, Renee has provided a phone number: 1 855-593-2895.

There is also this e mail submission page to submit inquires:

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