The Community Spoke and Goldmoney Has Heard You

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Dear Community,

I am pleased to announce to you what I see as a material progressive step towards improving your experience as Goldmoney clients.

First, a little backgound....

The Goldmoney community was originally created to allow clients to discuss ideas and passions regarding sound money and the technology surrounding gold and the platform we all signed up for.

As time went on we saw community members helping each other with common issues and questions that came up in their normal user experience. I want to personally thank Goldmoney clients such as @rocketdog for always lending their extensive acquired knowledge of the platform with each other.

The community has never been designed as a customer service portal due to the complex and private nature of each individual holding and account. Issues such as regional specificity, privacy, and personal confidential information make it impossible to discuss nearly every customer service issue that come up here publicly.

Here is the actual support portal:

As well as here:

Or here: [email protected]

In addition, you’re secured message system within your Holding is available.

Please note that many times the messages you see here on the community may not contain all the information about the case involved and are often times not updated when behind the scenes a resolution has been reached. This makes it appear as though there are unresolved issues which may have in fact been solved.

All this to say I am pleased to announce @richard_cuddy2019 , Goldmoney Senior Relationship manager, now has a community presence as of today.

If you have a non specific general question or concern about your Goldmoney account, feel free to respectfully tag and ask Mr. Cuddy.

Again, he will not be able to have a back and forth about specific issues regarding your individual account on the community, but you can tag him here as another way of directing his attention to common problems that we may have and if he is able to answer in a general way, I am confident he will do his best.

If there is a problem he cannot solve publicly with you, he has the access required to investigate further as the lead relationship manager.

While there will always be complexities in a global cutting edge financial services company like Goldmoney, I am hopefully that this will be a progressive step forward to making your Goldmoney experience improved.




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