Getting Funds and Physical Gold from GoldMoney...My Experience

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Have had a Goldmoney holding for about three years. Have only withdrew money via the prepaid debit card which sadly I can no longer do. I decided that before a crisis situation arose and as a test, I'd sell off some gold and get some cash wired back to my bank, and get some physical gold coins via Schiff Gold. I'm happy to say the process worked well. I had cash in my bank account in a little over two days. The physical gold coin delivery took a little over a week. I just wanted to balance some of the bad experiences some people have had with a positive one. I would encourage GoldMoney to try and fix the regulatory problems with the pre-paid debit cards for U.S customers, as that provides the quickest and most convenient access to funds. I hope that sharing my experience is helpful to some.


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    Thanks for sharing.
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    @rfallona, I appreciate your input to this forum. As customers and members of this forum it is nice to communicate in this manner as a sanity check. A message of, "All systems normal" from a customer is helpful to other customers who are worrying.
    (And I totally agree about the debit card!)
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    I might add that Fabian Gambino from Schiff Gold was quite helpful with dealing about a concern I had with the physical gold delivery.... so a shout-out to him as well.
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    Thanks for sharing! It just gives me more confidence. I personally have not experience any issue with Goldmoney/MENE except holding account took a while to approve. So far, my purchasing transactions all went well.
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    I have been with Goldmoney since late 2015, and switched to a holding in Sept 2017. Everything has worked well for me. I have had no issues.
    I just agree with a previous poster, I would love a prepaid card....Roy said he is working on it. This company goes by the rules, and does not do anything to jeopardize their brand.
    I loved my pure silver card...whenever I handed it to a bartender or server in a restaurant to pay my bill they would be blown away by the weight and ask me who issued it.
    I even bought an expensive carbon fiber mountain bike with it. The store owner thought it would not work but was surprised when it flashed APPROVED.
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