Account holders reduced by 70K in less than two months

BigMouseBigMouse Posts: 147 Bronze ✭✭✭
I have being tracking the number of account holders using real time auditing function. the number is around 1534881 beginning of June. Now it is 1461536. A reduction of 70K. Normally, I see the account holder increase day by day. About 200+/week. Is GM just clearing out non active account?


  • Mr_Troy_OzMr_Troy_Oz Posts: 91 Copper ✭✭
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    That is quite a large decline in account holders - within a very short time period - two months!
    I've heard nothing from anywhere to suggest if this is GM cleaning house, or people just moving on to other venues or giving up on the gold market. But regardless, I must say the numbers you've quoted are kind of stunning.. if not down right scary for any bullion dealer to witness.
    - Good catch BigMouse.

  • BigMouseBigMouse Posts: 147 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @Richard_Cuddy2019 Thanks for the quick update. This is what I was thinking. Your clarification gives me more confidence.
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    What? ONLY 1.46 million active clients world wide? :)
    I just like how that sounds.
    Thanks for the explanation, Richard.
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