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    @GoldIsCurrency I hate to see you go. Always enjoyed your post. Thanks to @RocketDog for the link. Just watched again it it was refreshing.
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    I had been looking at Canadian Insider ritually looking for NCIB activity. Apparently Canadian Insider functionality is rather parochial and not showing complete information.

    After pulling some reports I see a slightly different picture. Goldmoney actually did nibble away at the NCIB and bought some shares back. With the NCIB there are different rules than regular insider activity in regards to reporting it. Goldmoney has the option of not reporting immediately, unlike regular insider activity where transactions must be reported immediately.

    So what I discovered is Goldmoney has bought back 198,700 shares via the NCIB. Although it appears most of that was done in March. Whether or not Roy and team will action more activity via the NCIB only they know. I thought I should clarify that and I am a bit embarrassed of a few things, one being missing that information. Thank you for the messages. Best Regards.
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    Thanks for the note. I have also missed this info: "As at the close of trading on March 1, 2019, Goldmoney has repurchased through open market transactions on the TSX and alternative Canadian trading systems a total of 314,300 common shares at a weighted average price of $1.92 pursuant to its previous normal course issuer bid. "
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    I can't thank you enough for sharing the Anthony Deden interview. So inspiring!
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