Ride the Gold rally with Goldmoney

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The analyst is maintaining his “Speculative Buy” rating and price target of $8.25, which represents a projected 12-month return of 262 per cent at the time of publication.

Any comments?


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    I believe there could right now be something going on like a take over bid because the price seems to be manipulated down. Makes no sense in this environment. everybody can be wrong of coarse.
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    Account holders growing steadily.
    Customer assets record high.
    Transaction volume exploding.
    Record numbers of transactions in and out of gold, metal to metal. metal to currency and so forth...
    Still the stock is moving down??? I am buying anyway and holding aiming for that 8,25.
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    This could also add to value to Goldmoney...Roy Sebag on Twitter "I’ve been working on a confidential project that will allow crypto bits to be taken offline once and forever and perhaps even removing the need for continuous nodes/blocks. We will be accelerating development. The project is called Totenpass. Stay tuned".
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    I have never seen or heard a more competent, smart, well educated board of directors in any company worldwide ever.
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    A huge short squeeze is on the way. Gold almost breaking 1546 silver 17,49 52 week high
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    I agree on the competent Board of Directors. These are exciting times for sure. It seems like each week brings a new 52 week high as gold and silver climb upward. Most of my savings is in precious metals. Most of my investments and my job are in fintech. We could be having a global recession...or not. I don't even know what to hope for anymore.
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    JPMorgan Private Bank
    JP Morgan ‘recommends its clients to change their gold hodlings from 0 to 5 %’ and strongly ‘reduce dollar holdings’ in anticipation of (planned?!) dollar devaluation.

    "Given the persistent—and rising—deficits in the United States (in both fiscal and trade), we believe the U.S. dollar could become vulnerable to a loss of value relative to a more diversified basket of currencies, including gold.

    "2018 saw the strongest demand for gold from central banks since 1971 and a rolling four-quarter sum of gold purchases is the strongest on record.2 To us, this makes sense: gold is a stable source of value with thousands of years of trust among humans supporting it.
    Goldmoney is in my opinion one of the best positioned, PM fintech companies in the world.
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    Huge signal for PM in RUSSIA!
    Will other countries follow?
    Why would anybody sell the Goldmoney stock in this environment?

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    XAU will at least dubble very soon and be a 10 dollar stock in a couple of years, +2B under management(yes 2 Billion! ) growing fast and market ignoring it?? ...it won't for much longer!!!
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    What just happened to Gold? It went from $1493 to $1550 instantly. Silver too. I think they both hit new 52 week highs (again).
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    XAU is a great stock if you want to play this gold rally. I am a bit thrown off by the fact that MENE doesn't seem to replenish their inventory and that ACH transactions in the US + credit card continue not to work. I agree that the company is very cheap, but Goldmoney hasn't been doing any buybacks recently, which I think is an indication that they don't think the stock is THAT cheap.
    It would be great if we could get more clarity on the path forward. Roy is no longer doing a conference call after results. It just seems that they don't care about the shareholders.
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    It just seems that they don't care about the shareholders.

    I fully agree that there should be a stock buyback and a conference call. However, they care about the shareholders. For what (other) reason have they implemented a Dividend policy?
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    @nie I agree that the dividend was a nice announcement. I also think that they did a great marketing effort when offering 10% bonus on new pruchases and I loved that they purchased 100% of LBT - which will probably get integrated in the platform soon. I am anxious to see more progress at MENE (inventory replenishment) and Goldmoney (we all have mentioned what we need multiple times). It just doesn't seem to happen. In the beginning of the year they were on fire: doing buybacks, announcing goldmoney check-out, creating the physical redemption portal.

    Do you guys agree that they should migrate everyone from Business/Personal to Holding as soon as possible? This could speed up the roll-out of the new capabilities..
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    It might cut some people off the platform all together. The verification requirements were lower for the Personal and Business accounts. Undoubtedly some people will not make it thru the process. Also the Personal/Business accounts have no storage fees, which is attractive to some people--most likely customers with smaller accounts. I'd be willing to bet that Goldmoney would like to cut out the legacy accounts, for efficiency's sake. But what we don't know is how many people still have those accounts, where in the world they tend to be, and if they are still profitable to Goldmoney. Personally, I would like to see some regulation being undone that would make it possible to use the Personal/Business accounts again as originally intended.
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    @RocketDog makes sense! thanks for the explanation.

    When will we have a branch in NY? This appears in their website/statements as something imminent, but it has been this was for over 1 year.
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    will there be an ongoing surge in gold prices or do you think it'll hover around this current value?
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    interesting and v insightful video
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    Hello @Rj838 isn't that the golden question? Of course anything we say is total speculation. I think it will continue to be volatile and continue to gradually rise toward $2000. Unless of course there is a major economic event at which time the value could rocket much higher.

    I think there is evidence that China may be heading for a major crash. Look on Youtube for alternative media reporting on the Chinese economy and banks. Growing evidence of something like that could send Chinese to try to get their money out of China. The CCP has recently capped their annual export of money to $50k, which has limited some of the money leaving China. The pressure on Hong Kong is probably also related to these economic issues, more so than the protests. Heads/owners of leading Chinese corporations are being forced to sign ownership of their companies over to CCP. Many have gone missing or dead.
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    Sad to say I truly believe a take over is coming. I have seen this several times. The down pressure is according to me showing a strange behaviour. They take the stock as far down as possible and then comes the bid. Goldmoney will very soon have 3 billion Cad in customer assets and a rocketing gold price. Hold your Goldmoney stocks for dear life. Just saying;)
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    I have this far spent a huge amount of money on metal exchange from gold to silver and now very slowly scaling back to gold. As a reminder, just imagine a few years ago when nobody compare to now was trading metal to metal with the personal account. Goldmoney was paying all the storage fees. The trigger should have bees a sharp move up in the gold price. Something is holding back the stock?? What is it?
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    The stock market is irrational. It is more of a popularity contest or a slot machine than a market that responds to business intelligence. Finance and technology are confusing the market and day-traders barely consider value. Look at the Uber launch, who would invest in that stock for a company that never made a profit and has exposure to government regulation? Lots of people oddly. There is no wisdom in that. I think you have to be a gold bug or a serious value investor to even think of Goldmoney. And honestly, a value investor would shy away from fintech. Goldmoney has a lot of risk due to its exposure to government regulations and looks suspiciously like a bank to those who are avoiding financials. It is a weird stock. IMHO.
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    Florian Homm released a video on YouTube (today). He told his followers within four minutes that he absolutely recommends to buy Goldmoney stocks. Moreover, he likes the business model a lot (e.g., XAU's Mastercard, Lend & Borrow). I am with him.

    Sorry, just for the German guys: https://youtube.com/watch?v=L_F96jkWtFM (>=09:30 minutes).
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    Peter Schiff about Qe4. The amount of money that is needed could possibly create an economicall overdose. 25.00 minutes in he talks about Goldmoney and Mene https://schiffgold.com/interviews/peter-schiff-why-the-fed-wont-be-able-to-rescue-the-economy-the-next-time-around/
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    $8.25 price target and can barely hold $2. No thanks to the CFO.
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