Sharing My Personal Experiences For New Members To Benefit From Community Site

rohanibuang61rohanibuang61 Posts: 2,379 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
1). I know there are many members would like to participate in this Community discussion but feel uncomfortable if he/she is not right, asking an infant question, received negative comments and so on.
Answer : Don’t be shy as we all learned through mistakes. Make this site as our second home or office as we all having an equal platform to share with.

2). Community Site can be live interactive between Members looking for information and yet communication problem is the main hindrance

Answer : Don’t be shy and just bulldoze our write-up as we all learned through mistakes. Make this site as our hobby as working place. Already use English Dictionary by our side the right wording and meaning.

3). Every month BitGold will select and rewards those members actively providing ideas and comments in this site apparently some new Members shyly feel the rewards are not possible to them just because many brilliant members are actively in this Site.

Answer : Change our negative to positive attitudes. Thinks like a President, commands like a President, give ideas like a President, write comments like a President(says nothing wrong in bringing our self confident even if the sentences, phrases and grammar are upside/down), say sorry if we are wrong(no harm) and don’t back off. Sting like bees and work like ants as both are stated in my Holy Book of Quran.

The above are my key ingredients and I successfully made it as fist timer in BitGold, got rewarded with Gold.

BitGold Community Siteis an immaculate place for me to strive for personal satisfaction.


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