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One of the things that I like about BitGold is the passion of its people.

From @Darrell , @Roy Sebag , @Josh Crumb to @Melanie and @Kevin and all of the other staff, to a person they are passionate about gold, BitGold, and customer service. It is a small, highly dedicated team working to support a company that is growing at the rate of a new customer every 30 seconds.

I am also extremely impressed by the passion of the BitGold Community members. At any given time the folks on the Leaderboard are helping newcomers, writing insightful posts, and/or asking thought provoking questions.


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    @79Au197 , the truth in my case is that at first I was skeptical about BitGold.
    Many reasons make me to believe that. I had read a lot of reviews about and the most of them was negative.
    I'm member since August of 2015.
    As i said, at first was skeptical, I didn't trust so much this company. But i was wrong, because i had to understand that a new startup company need time and trust from their customers to be strong and stable.

    Day by day i see that this small team of BitGold, working very hard to do the better that they can for the company and the customers too.
    So if you ask me today if i can trust this company, my answer is yes i do 1000% !

    I'm very glad and i have to agree with @79Au197 (a very good person that i met here at this forum), with all of above that already said (wrote).

    I also i want to say a big Thank You to all old members of this community that they help me to understand the reasons that BitGold is an amazing company. I also want to thank them for all the knowledge that sharing here.

    At this point I feel the need to apologize to @Melanie for a bad moment that we had at this forum. Probably she remember ( i'm talking about a negative feedback that i have gave at past, because i was been very angry ).

    Anyway, i want to believe that everybody are here because we love the precious metals, especially gold. It doesn't matter where are we come from or if we aren't specialist on markets. The point for me is to learn and share the knowledge about the investments, to help each other and most important to build honest friendships.

    So, that's all for the moment!
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    I think ALL of us early adopters were skeptical at first about BitGold. New company, new ideas, bad press, Golden Heart 1.0, etc. But the actions of the BitGold team speak louder than mere words alone.

    Yet the written and spoken words of the founders and management ring true as well. Calm, articulate, genius. No fear mongering, no TEOWAWKI, no SHTF, just a clear business model for a gold-based platform for "Payments and Savings in Gold". I urge every one reading this to search YouTube, the Internet, sites listed by this Community for interviews with @Roy Sebag and @Josh Crumb and pay attention to the message … and the tone.

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    We're very happy to be able to serve all of you! We are working hard to help users as quickly as we can and bring gold savings to as many people as possible! It's nice to see so many of you active and passionate here on the Community - you guys are golden! :smile:
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    @79Au197 @golden_gr @Melanie @rohanibuang61 @BigD @Roy Sebag @Josh Crumb @Darrell I couldn't agree more with the comment with regards to passion. In a way that's what Bitgold and this site is all about. It's passion that drives the central idea of gold. Can anyone envision this much passion about a new payment system involving fiat? I don't even think a success like PayPal inspires such passion. Those that believe in gold do so because they are full of passion.
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    Yes @79Au197 you are right and we unanimously agree and I follow @ArtMatters a rising star in this site. B)
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    @ArtMatters Not too late and you are welcome too. :)
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