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BitGolders are reminded that there are two major parts of GoldMoney Inc - the do-it-yourself BitGold service, and the bespoke GoldMoney service. Everyone can read the research pieces found at GoldMoney at this link...

I strongly suggest you take the time to follow the thinking of Alaisder McLeod and John Butler and Stefan Weiler found there if you want to understand how the world of gold really works.


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    @GrandpaBrian I couldn't agree more, it is best to follow these gentlemen and their knowledge of gold.

    I started reading Jim Rickards book "Currency Wars - The Making of the Next Global Crisis" this weekend and almost finished. It has been a great read!

    The next book on my roster is "The Golden Revolution: How to Prepare for the Coming Global Gold Standard" written by our one and only John Butler of GoldMoney/BitGold.

    Paper is paper and gold is gold!

    #goldismoney #bitgoldrevolution
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    @GrandpaBrian informative and thanks
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    Thank you @GrandpaBrian


    With a sudden surge in public demand for physical gold, there is no knowing how it will be satisfied. There is a risk of a gathering snowball effect, with higher gold prices triggering yet more demand. Western vaults are only able to supply initial demand, but because bullion banks have unallocated accounts for customers not backed fully by gold, they will be forced to cover the risk of higher prices.

    Not an issue with BitGold. Each account is fully backed by allocated gold.


    We designed our corporate structure and organization in-line with best practices from the financial services industry run entirely on an allocated and fully redeemable ledger with every gram, kilo, or tonne of gold corresponding to a specific customer.

    Every metric gram, kilogram, or tonne of physical gold that a customer has acquired through BitGold is owned and allocated to the customer once transactions have settled.
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