What I like about BitGold: Roy Sebag

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As should be common knowledge by anyone on this board, @Roy Sebag is the founder of BitGold and CEO of GoldMoney, Inc. His annual salary is $1. Despite having what must be an extremely busy schedule, Roy follows this board and has on more than one occasion responded directly to questions and concerns.

When you watch interviews with him and/or read articles he has written you quickly begin to realize just how passionate he is about gold and BitGold. That kind of passion is rare and places him in the company of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. Yet unlike Jobs and Musk he does not have or need a "reality distortion field." He isn't trying to sell us the "the next big thing", or something for "the rest of us", or require millions of dollars in government funding to pursue his dream. Instead, Roy is working diligently to give everyone around the world easy access to a 5000 year old store of wealth with a proven history of stability and acceptance.

The concept of BitGold seems obvious and one wonders why it had to wait for Roy and @Josh Crumb to bring it to fruition. Whether it is the perfect combination of the global internet buildout + disillusionment with fiat currency + renewed interest in gold or the genius and passion of Roy and Josh in developing the Aurum technology and their vision for the future, I am grateful that BitGold exists today.

Thank you @Roy Sebag B)


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    @79Au197 In one of the interviews Roy said that he "wants to do this for the rest of his life". I take that as a huge statement to make that I see as being intertwined with passion to help people. In this case by helping citizens of the world preserve their wealth by utilizing the BitGold platform that is the only thing that makes sense in a circus of a monetary system know as fiat money. Kudo's to Roy and his team of "ninja's"!

    Also not only Roy takes an annual salary of only $1 as it is the same $1 annual salary for Josh and one other, either Stefan or Rob. I can't remember which one. Some extremely passionate gentlemen in this management team. With all that being said, I am sure all of them will also do mighty fine on their shares in the company which will be well deserved. I am just happy to ride the coat tails of their success.
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    @79Au197 I think @Roy Sebag is just a normal human like us fulfilling his daily life and need same as us - sometime happy, sometime sad, sometime no appetite to eat and even sometime difficult to sleep.

    I believe in 2 factors - a destiny from the creator and his striving efforts will make him and any one to the top of the success ladder.

    His consistent ideas, efforts and whole heart commitments are the qualities that every human dreams of but only very few can achieved.
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