Make the Dubai Vault function like New York

As a new Bitgold customer, I bought some gold, and, put some in the New York Vault, and, traded in my bitcoins for gold, into the Dubai Vault. Now, I see that vault holdings are NOT tranferrable to any other vault, and, I feel stuck, and, a bit frustrated, as had I known Dubai was "semi-locked", I never would have used my bitcoins to do this. I know I can redeem the amount, but, that wasn't my plan. I wanted to just buy..and forget....and, I see Dubai holdings CANNOT go to my new BitGold Mastercard, which really stings.
Moderators reading this, please, make a WARNING HEADER for using's the only fair thing to do, as most, like me, did NOT read the fine print, and, just assumed all vaults were created equal.
I'm sure I'm not alone in this complaint. For the long haul, better customer service is the best antidote for poor communication.


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