Alerting BitCoin Depostiors Before Deposit With BitCoin Is Expedite

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I foresee most BitGold new members did not realized that BitCoin deposit in Dubai Vault cannot be transfer to any other vault locations. Members in this category in most cases will initially got panic and upset.

For time being, I think It is good to alert BitGold members depositing with BitCoin with short message blink note on the above before they deposit Gold with BitCoin. The blink message can be put on the deposit BitCoin tab as per below."mobile_app_-_deposit_bitcoin_2_-_enter_btc.png"&response-content-type=image/png


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    My opinion is that BitGold don't need to do that.
    Any new member at BitGold, must visit at least once time the customer Support Site and read about deposit methods ;) B)
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    @Melanie ( and @rohanibuang61 )

    I have to agree with @rohanibuang61 on this post and others on the many, many other posts (new ones occurring daily) regarding the Dubai vault.

    There needs to be a warning of some kind linked to the Dubai vault, warning users that deposits made to the Dubai vault cannot be transferred to other vaults or redeemed to the GoldMoney card. This has now happened more times than I can count. It is obvious that users are not aware of this when they deposit. By the time they are posting on this board it is too late.

    A simple popup warning on the website and app, if the Dubai vault is selected, prior to hitting the final button, should be sufficient. The shear number of questions and complaints about the Dubai vault suggest that this is a trouble spot for new users when it really needn't be
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    @79Au197 B) One insightful for you
  • rohanibuang61rohanibuang61 Posts: 2,379 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    @golden_gr Reality simplified myself at time to become new member with pop of BitGold ads.
    Due to my eagerness, desperation, new member discount sign-up and positive ads, I just understand the concept and don't even have time look at support. B)
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    @rohanibuang61 maybe you have right
    I wondering, every new member's first thought is how to make a Bitcoin deposit or to (read) find out how this platform work? B)
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