Update: New Terms of Service (18 February 2016)

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Did you get the latest mail notification about the update of TOS? If you didn't here it is.
Take a time to read the New Terms of Service, guys.
Dear Valued BitGold Customer,

Whether you have been with us since our launch date or this is your first week on the platform, we hope that you have enjoyed your BitGold experience so far! We know that the needs and goals of each of our customers are almost as unique as gold itself. You may have signed up already having an understanding of gold’s utility as a store of value or you may have just been looking for a convenient way to send and receive payments—we are simply happy to be able to help empower you through secure, quick, and affordable gold payments and savings!

We have amended our Terms of Service to better cover the products and services we offer to you on BitGold. As an existing customer, you have 30 days to review the Terms of Service before they are effective between us. You can click here to review the updated Terms of Service, or you can access them at the bottom of the BitGold website.

At BitGold, we are constantly working to bring users the best and most innovative tools to facilitate their gold savings and transactions. If you require assistance on the platform or have a question, you can visit our Support Center to contact our Customer Success team!

Thank you for your continued support!
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