Why I Love Gold! (Ultimate Money)

BlueJaysBlueJays Posts: 82 Bronze ✭✭✭
because governments can print and dilute the money supply its continuing to just transfer wealth out of your pocket right back to themselves/banking system. (fractionalize reserve banking system)

However, gold truly defines money.

It’s an easy medium of exchange, gold stores a large amount of value in a very small area.

It’s an unit of account, pure gold has universal value (same value all over the world)

Its durable, the gold that was used 5000 years ago is still being used today as it does not corrode.

It’s divisible, you can make “change” with it.

Its portable, you can carry it around with you.

It’s limited in quantity, that’s the reason it has maintained it’s purchasing power. You cant print it! (Ultimate Store of Value)

Over the past 5000 years only gold has maintained its purchasing power vs the fiat systems that have always gone to 0.

BitGold is the future of currency.


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