BitGold Bonus Not Received After Sign up

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I did not received the gold bonus after i sign up using a unique referral link and i already deposit a 1.008grams of gold in my account and it is already confirmed after 48hrs, but i dont received the bonus. can you please help? thank you @Melanie #BitGold


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    You should also contact BitGold Support either by email ([email protected]) or by phone.

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    Hi @jella and welcome :)
    Before you contact BitGold Support, take a look here please Missing Golden Heart bonus

    If all done correctly by you, you will get your bonus.

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    @jella That is because there is no longer a Golden Heart bonus for the person who is referred. Your friend would have gotten a bonus for you making your deposit, but your opportunity to earn a bonus as the referred user is to participate in the 5% first deposit bonus promotion. The minimum deposit required to earn a bonus for that is 5 grams.
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    @Melanie A little disappointed to hear about that change. Call me clueless but I actually wasn't aware that the person being referred no longer received a golden heart bonus. For some countries a deposit of 5 grams of gold would equate to many months of salary and to only receive a 5% bonus on what would be an extremely large deposit for users from those nations? Finding the proper formula of an incentive to acquire new users to sign up is obviously difficult but I don't think this is it. It will be difficult to acquire new users from nations where income levels are lower. I think of BitGold as a global company which obviously it is but this new marketing plan doesn't appear to have a global perspective. I would like to see more users in the segment that sends money home to relatives. Generally speaking that segment is lower income. Being honest and maybe too blunt with this post. I know it is not all about free gold but a reasonable and achievable incentive to sign up that fits into a global perspective would be optimal.
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    I remember looking at this post and the support article on February 10th and at that point it was still "user and referral receive X grams", but they have been edited as of February 12th.

    It's disappointing to hear that this has been changed, as I think it removes incentive to the referral to use the referee's link. Also, there should have been an announcement of this change. I referred two people since February 12th, telling them that we'd both receive gold, which is now discovered to be false...

    Clearly BitGold is finding it problematic to be giving away such an amount of free gold, and that may very well be with good reason. However, I would say to @Melanie that it might be better to halve the bonus amounts and still allow the referral to receive free gold. I think the pitch of "sign up and we both get an equal amount of gold" sounds more appealing than "sign up with my link so *I* get free gold"...
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    @solargold A typing mistake was observed on the 12th, which is why they were edited. Funnily enough, I just found a typo when giving them a read over to respond - that should be the last but let me know if you spot any other typos, Community! Apologies for that. However, the referred user has not received a bonus since the new version of the program launched. We make this clear in the paragraph below the bonus breakdown:

    "As you can see, you can get to the top of the ladder if your referrals are active and educated on how to benefit from all the features of the platform. Your friends also have the opportunity to earn a bonus as we have extended the 5% first deposit bonus offer to 48 hours. If they make a deposit of 5 grams or more, we will give them 5% of their purchase as a bonus up to a maximum 2.5 grams of bonus gold."

    Your friend will also have the ability to get their own Golden Heart link once they reach 1 gram in deposits, so there is plenty of opportunity for them to earn gold themselves! It is not "problematic" to give away gold, our thought with this was that you have put in all the effort to educate your friend about BitGold, so you deserve a bonus for that! Once they're BitGold experts like you, they too can tell their friends about the platform!
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