New ACH Benchmarking (US)

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@Melanie and everyone else

I got the email and deleted, then re-linked my US ACH bank account

Today (23 Feb) after market and bank close, I initiated a new deposit via ACH. It immediately showed up on my BitGold ledger as "Pending." Note that all of last week's deposits - both ACH and credit card are still showing as "Pending." :(

I anticipate the following milestones:
  Deposit shows up as pending at my online banking
  Deposit clears my online banking (no longer pending)
  Deposit clears my BitGold ledger (no longer pending)

Stay tuned …

Gold is money, everything else is credit



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    Today (24 Feb)

    BitGold ledger shows last week's test deposits as "Confirmed"

    Yesterday's deposit has NOT yet shown up on my online banking
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    Today (24 Feb)

    As a test, I deposited via a credit card (Citi MasterCard)

    I finished the transaction, went back to the BitGold ledger and RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES the transaction went from "Pending" to "Confirmed"

    Holy steaming cow patties!

    If you need ***FAST***, credit card is the winner hands down.

    If you want cheap, ACH may be the way to go if you can wait a few days.

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    25 Feb

    Online banking shows deposit as "Pending"
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    edited February 2016
    25 Feb

    Yet sometime today my BitGold ledger changed from "Pending" to "Confirmed" :)

    Since I placed my deposit order after close of business on the 23rd, it was technically on the 24th.

    Today on the 25th my BitGold ledger shows "Confirmed."

    @Melanie was correct (as always) - the new ACH is much faster! B)

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    Today (26 Feb)

    My online bank shows that the deposit cleared on 25 Feb, yesterday. So being that I deposited after-hours on the 23, the first business day was the 24th and the depost cleared and was confirmed on the 25th.


    Thank you @Melanie
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