GoldMoney Completes C$36.6 Million Bought Deal Financing

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Now the company has a ton of cash to make everything happen. The most exciting part of today's news release for me is reading that more traditional marketing activities will be initiated. Great things are happening and I look forward to when BitGold is a household name. Still a long road ahead of them but an extremely exciting road. Please click on the link below for the full news release.

“GoldMoney welcomes this offer of strategic-institutional funding and the capital entrusted to us by some of the world's top investment managers”, said Roy Sebag, CEO of GoldMoney. "With this additional capital, the group is able to strengthen the relationship we have with our customers with an unparalleled commitment to a strong balance sheet through any market environment. We also strive to grow our businesses through new product engineering, the initiation of offline and more traditional marketing activities, and expansion into additional financial services business lines that will provide operating leverage to our core customer relationships.” Completes-C36.6-Million-Bought-Deal-Financing#.Vs2yqQTaSPg.twitter


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