My first deposit …

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… was on August 24th of last year at a price of $37.70 US/gram

Today I purchased gold at $41.39 US/gram

Gold has risen 9.8% since I opened my BitGold account. Also since opening my account, I have:

• Made many deposits via the "old" and "new" ACH system
• Enabled two-factor authentication via the Authy app
• Used both the website and iOS app
• Deposited to every vault except Dubai
• Redeemed to both the beta BitGold Prepaid Card and the new GoldMoney Card
• Used both cards to withdraw cash at ATMs
• Used both cards to make purchases
• Redeemed to bank via wire
• Redeemed a GoldCube™
• Joined the BitGold community the day it launched and posted too many discussions
• Asked @Melanie too many questions, which she patiently and cheerfully answered
• Thoroughly enjoyed watching/reading the insights of @Roy Sebag , @Josh Crumb , @Darrell , et al.

I have yet to redeem via ACH, but I am sure that this will work flawlessly. Likewise with vault-to-vault transfers.

I have no need for GoldMoney Cards in other currencies than USD. I am still waiting for the ability to make payments (in the US). Also waiting for the updated iOS app.

So far I am very impressed with all aspects of the BitGold platform and the BitGold/GoldMoney people.

Carry on B)


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