GoldMoney Prepaid MasterCard : Swiss franc currencies

Need this, please : GoldMoney Prepaid MasterCard : Swiss franc currencies
Why ? I'm Swiss ... and is one of the most popular refuge currencies in case of world criseas.


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    Hi @Eric_M I think you are lucky as GoldMoney has included Swiss Franc currency into the system just because you don't have to pay extra charges on currency exchange if you are spending in your country with this card.

    As you can have more than one GoldMoney card, you can select the alternate card with another foreign currency option. If you choose the foreign currency where you frequently travels like US or Euro, then you can use this card too without incurring foreign exchange commission charges and this will save you money too.

    My other suggestion, in order to prevent from currencies crises, keep more Gold in your BitGold and only transfer a portion of gold that you require for your daily spending in GoldMoney card. B)
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    I agree @Eric_M since I'm Swiss as well...
    I want a CHF GoldMoney Mastercard as well!

    Please consider this @Melanie for the future :-)
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