Second Request - Help in Other Languages

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Apologies for bringing this up again … and I think you said that it was planned … but needs to have help pages in other languages.

It can be prioritized by website interest and language popularity


This can be accomplished a variety of ways. If BitGold gives authorization, multilingual affiliates can translate help documents and put them on their websites. Then a master list could be assembled on the forum. This would leverage the social aspect of BitGold at no cost.



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    @79Au197 I like the idea as those with only mother language and not having different language is a barrier for them to understand it and hinder them to be member of BitGold.
    But still of course BitGold too will have to increase costs on the system upgrading, translators so on and so forth and keeping them busy with all these risks and business challenge.
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    As mentioned previously, this is on the way. It is quite a lot of translating but we're very excited to roll out translations for our users around the globe!
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    edited March 2016

    Yes I bet it is quite a lot of translating, but your non-English speaking will benefit. :)

    At some point in the not too distant future, English will cease to be the dominant language of the BitGold user community. :o

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