To All BitGold Members Hoping To Utilize The Community Site To Increase Our Knowledge Power

rohanibuang61rohanibuang61 Posts: 2,379 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
As each of us in the family members of BitGold do having BitGold platform and for sure BitGold platform is much better than online banking.

On top of the platform, there is a hidden treasure on gold and BitGold knowledge. Just tab the community site and with patience go through any information that we need or having doubt with and there are many quality answer and information serving to our needs.

If everyone can put confident on the risky fiat paper money having no intrinsic value, I am 100% sure and 100% confident and more trust in BitGold with pure Gold that we can redeemed.

Personally and almost everyday(if I not having other important family agendas), I will come to BitGold community site looking for -
1) New Gold and Bitcoin information
2) Chat with new contacts
3) Giving and ideas, providing write-up and reading all posted information one by one.
4) I will also commenting on each other members article and so on.

People say "No know is to love". On my experience with BitGold, no one has instructed to know or to join BitGold. The true that I knew BitGold is by accident from a public ads and till date i don't even know who my sponsor is.

Now, I am in love with BitGold after taking the opportunity trying all facilities provided in the platform and all are working well either the GoldMoney card, vault transfer, deposit to buy gold, paid commission as introducer and so on.
I successfully gone through all the above without hassle.

I admit that I am not literate in English but yet I prove myself in 3 consecutive month since I joined to be on the leader board and gain gold incentive and bonus from BitGold.

Last not the least my personal conclusion is =
"When Talking About Gold, Please Remember BitGold"


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