What Country Are You From and What is Your BitGold Story?

PinkdogPinkdog Posts: 511 Silver ✭✭✭✭
I'm located in Canada. I heard about BitGold from a newspaper article and saw a portfolio manager talking about BitGold on TV. It was such a compelling story and made a lot of sense, I was compelled to open an account. I thought it would be a good idea to put some of my savings in gold. I also like to travel, so it makes it easy for me to get USD and Euros.

What is you story?


  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,019 Admin
    @Pinkdog From the US. Saw Bitgold being promoted on Twitter. Love at first site. EOM
  • PrairieSailor_2016PrairieSailor_2016 Posts: 85 Copper ✭✭
    @Pinkdog I heard about BitGold from a friend here in Canada. I was sceptical at first as I kept trying to figure out what the "catch" was. Still haven't found it B)
  • anthony28anthony28 Posts: 43 Copper ✭✭
    From Ireland living in Canada and came across bitgold on flipboard. Caught my attention for transferring money overseas with less fees than the banks because they rob ya blind.
    Will come in handy as ill be moving home soon so will use it to transfer some of my money and ill be getting a debit card for euros.
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,019 Admin
    @Pinkdog BTW great question and post!
  • 79Au19779Au197 Posts: 4,047 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    Republic of Texas, USA. My story has a Sci-Fi twist to it. Had finished listening to Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon on AudioBook back last year just as BitGold entered US market. Went looking on the Internet to see if anyone had something similar to the vaulted gold / digital currency described in one of the subplots of Cryptonomicon. Discovered BitGold. I signed up immediately. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Classic early adopter. Beta PrePaid Card. Explored all of the functionality. Joined the Community the day it began (?) in December 2015.

    Went on to listen to the massively long Baroque Cycle (prequel to Cryptonomicon). More coverage of gold as money, Isaac Newton, cryptography, banking, etc. Saw that BitGold was the embodiment of the classic principles of sound money. Watched as many interviews with @Roy Sebag @Josh Crumb as I could. Read many position papers by @Roy Sebag . Liked the positive approach - making gold useful again. No fear mongering.

    Full buy-in. Vaulted gold (all vaults). GoldCubes redeemed and via the GoldmoneyPhysical eBay store. Shares in GoldMoney BTGDF (OTC).

  • rohanibuang61rohanibuang61 Posts: 2,379 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Pinkdog I am the most distance away about 14000 kilometers. I am from Malaysia all year round with summer. I legacy with BitGold that I felt in love for the first look from an ads that I don't even know where it come from :) .
  • nigelmarkdiasnigelmarkdias Posts: 1,323 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Found BitGold on a banner on one of one of my blogs. @ArtMatters @79Au197
  • GoldIsCurrencyGoldIsCurrency Posts: 1,808 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    I was reviewing stock mover reports on May 5th of 2015. (coincidentally my Birthday) I saw this company called BitGold whose stock was moving like a rocket and did my due diligence and the rest is history. An awesome Birthday present finding this. Just like finding gold. ;)
  • jmr5djmr5d Posts: 218 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Tennessee, USA. Not sure where I first saw Bitgold... kept running across the site from different sources and eventually started digging deeper. Basically checked all the boxes for what I was looking for in a gold acquisition / storage solution: low fees, automatic recurring deposits, small minimums, allocated/segregated storage, multiple vault locations, etc.
  • GoldIsCurrencyGoldIsCurrency Posts: 1,808 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2016
    @Pinkdog BTW, I really like this thread. I think it is interesting to read the different ways people discovered BitGold. I hope more people add to this thread going forward. Also forgot to mention my country of origin in my prior post, Canada.
  • PinkdogPinkdog Posts: 511 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    It is fun to hear how we all came together from around the world united by BitGold. Each of us has a different story, a different journey, but arrived at the same destination... BitGold. Amazing. Let's hear form more people from other countries!
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