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Hi - It is very ridiculous your company doesn't provide phone support to its customers. I will absolutely not send a penny overseas to your organization when it has no phone support. The Internet may not be available in the future due to war or cyber attacks. No way will you bet getting thousands of dollars from me and have the audacity not to provide a living human on the other end to address any questions I have. The arrogance of having an Apple like community customer interface such as this one stinks to high heaven. How dare you not have phone number contacts.


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    They did have phone support in the early days. I think they were simply overwhelmed with the explosive growth of the customer base.

    But I do agree that they should have phone support, or at least a live chat option. This is a platform where people can invest large amounts of money. Perhaps they can have a tiered support model. Phone support for people with x amount of gold in their account, and a chat option for people with y amount of gold in their account.
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    I agree there should be some sort of real-time communication option, such as chat. The 3-5 day delay for any communication is pretty poor and keeping me from moving larger dollar amounts in to the system. Since there is no visible ticket/messaging system (ie inbox/outbox) I really have no idea if they even received my message.
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    Well said, @GrandpaBrian

    Your answers are always better than mine lol
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    As @GrandpaBrian has compared to before. The self serve tasty buffet or fine dining? There are perks and advantages to both.

    Sometimes we need to remind ourselves there isn't anywhere that sells gold remotely close to these low prices. Free storage and free insurance along with a Prepaid card to easily spend your gold. Even though this is self serve, it is a high class buffet serving menu items not available anywhere else on earth.
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    A few winters ago, we parked our RV in Myrtle Beach where they have these incredible eating joints called "calabash". They make ordinary buffets look like soup kitchens. I must have put on 20 pounds that winter!

    Goldmoney Personal is like that and it's getting better on a regular basis, so enjoy.
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