Over 1 milion clients and over 1 billion in assets and

there is no phone number that customer can call. If someone knows the phone for the urgent matters that client of Goldmoney can call can you please share it? There is no phone that Goldmoney shares on the website. Where I live even small businesses have phone numbers.


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    There is no phone support for Personal account holders
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    @ampm The fee's associated with Personal Accounts are untouchable along with free storage, insurance and a free prepaid card so that is the reasoning why it is internet based with email support only. For users that would like to speak directly with an account service rep they can do so by opening a Wealth Account. There has been mixed feelings about this topic on this community board. The best way it has been described is a self serve buffet versus fine dining. Depends on what a user wants to pay for.
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    > @GoldMatters said:
    > There is no phone support for Personal account holders

    And rightly so, a quick look at the wealth account prices shows that although it has a lot more options,including phone support, it comes at a price.

    The whole point of goldmoney - providing the ability to store value in gold no matter how small the deposit might be - would be defeated if expensive phone support were to be added.
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    If you want a phone number and dedicated support I recommend Goldmoney Wealth. They will treat you like a king and give you all the support you want. However you will need to pay a little more for that level of service. Remember nothing is for free. Goldmoney personal will address your questions via email within 48 to 72 hours.
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