What is your story?

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I am pretty sure everyone here had an "Eureka" moment when you started to shift your confidence from the system and fiat money into gold.
Here is my story, what is yours?

I am a french canadian from the province of Quebec. I was a financial advisor/trader for a canadian bank. I went to Indonesia in 2015 for vacations. I was going to propose my wife on a beach there. When I was seconds away from asking I was trying to find a way to picture us to capture the moment. A family came in to help. They where french canadian (we are not like germans... really few of us are traveling at the same times :wink: ) they were there for one of the most important moment of my life... afterward we spoke and had fun but splits after 1 day.
3 month later, I meet the guy out of nowhere in a restaurant in my hometown complete luck. What a coincidence. We talked and before leaving he told me to listen to him and sell everything and prepare my family for whats to come. Buy physical, run from the market... the weird thig is I never once tought he was nuts evens if my job was to trade junk everyday... and to sell it. I start researching the subject, learn more... more... still learning. Heard of Bitgold and here I am... zero exposure to the market.
Drop my job, return to school, working on a blog... changed my life for the better I guess!!

So here it is! What's your story!
(Please don't leave this discussion empty :smiley: share with us)


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    @GoldMatters I'm on the verge of the last part too :wink:
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    Thanks to curiosity, I was a socialist/statist who by accident learned and understood the absurdity of the monetary system, it shocked me the fact that all political movements that are somewhat anti-system never cared about the banking system, except to say it should be more democraticed/regulated (so printing goes rampant, so things get even worse). That was my breaking point, to realice all these ideas I shared were actually supported on a stucture such inmoral and that horrible in consequences, didn't even got in touch with austrian economics at that time to make that change. Now I miss learning about it sooner.

    After failing attempts to share what humbled me with my surroundings... decided to get gold, as I realiced the bleep ain't gonna get fixed. Got a pleasant surprise with goldmoney as it's prepaid card service is a dope idea.

    Now I'm here comfy with gold and popcorn. B)
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    Reading Jim Rickards...
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    Roy had me sold the first time I saw him on BNN the day they started trading on the venture exchange.
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    1969. The Vietnam War still a mess and Nixon starts his presidency.
    2017. The USA is still mired in foreign conflicts and Trump starts his presidency.

    Guns AND butter destroy currencies. Gold survives.
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    @GrandpaBrian is right. Gold really does survive almost anything. Think about all those wrecked pirate ship bootys. You never hear on the news:


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    I'm new here to GM and just opened my personal acct.; however, way back in 1997 I was awarded some settlement funds from a large studio I'd worked for overseas where I experienced a career-ending injury. I wanted to invest and grow it somehow but had no real experience at all with that nor a good adviser.

    Sadly, I wound up investing with a firm in TX that was ultimately determined to be crooked. I (and many others) lost thousands of dollars while the beast at the head of that co. was thrown in jail with no return of the funds to all those he bilked.

    Anyway, I met Ed Griffin ("The Creature from Jekyll Island" fame) around that same time and he and his wife shared dinner and some valuable time with me. He warned me of the realities of our government, the entire system and the lost value to our US currency. He stressed the importance of gold and silver. Because my savings were pretty much wiped out by Ptak/RHNO I had no funds available to buy much more than a little bit of silver at the time. Plus, I'd moved from L.A. clear across the country to get situated in a rural, sustainable environment far outside of any large city and over a hundred miles from any coastline. I founded a non-profit sanctuary in '98 and operated that for about ten years before the recession caused me to have to just fold it (no donations were coming in from anywhere).

    I've lived hand to mouth for twenty years now, walking in truth and relying on our Father/Mother God (Principle) for guidance and sustenance.

    NOW: FINALLY, it looks like I'll be able to invest in gold, silver, etc. due to a God-send situation involving compensation to me from a gas storage company. The compensation covers the value of the gas beneath my land that will NOT be extracted (LOL!). It is for NOT signing on with any fracking gas extraction co. in order to protect their nearby, privately owned but community-benefiting, underground storage pool. Wooohooo!

    The timing of finding GM is a blessing and has me excited. I will not experience the nightmare I did in '97 and will be in control of my own REAL money for the first time - and not simple "I O Yous!" So far, 2017 is starting off right and I'm thrilled about what's to come. That's my Story!
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    @Wren thanks for sharing your story :)
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    @Wren you & gold are made for each other. Resilience & value
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    @Wren thank you for sharing!
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    From http://community.goldmoney.com/discussion/comment/11213#Comment_11213
    Republic of Texas, USA. My story has a Sci-Fi twist to it. Had finished listening to Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon on AudioBook back last year just as BitGold entered US market. Went looking on the Internet to see if anyone had something similar to the vaulted gold / digital currency described in one of the subplots of Cryptonomicon. Discovered BitGold. I signed up immediately. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Classic early adopter. Beta PrePaid Card. Explored all of the functionality. Joined the Community the day it began (?) in December 2015.

    Went on to listen to the massively long Baroque Cycle (prequel to Cryptonomicon). More coverage of gold as money, Isaac Newton, cryptography, banking, etc. Saw that BitGold was the embodiment of the classic principles of sound money. Watched as many interviews with Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb as I could. Read many position papers by Roy Sebag . Liked the positive approach - making gold useful again. No fear mongering.

    Full buy-in. Vaulted gold (all vaults). GoldCubes redeemed and via the GoldmoneyPhysical eBay store.

    - - -

    From http://community.goldmoney.com/discussion/comment/9007#Comment_9007
    I signed up almost immediately. Searched the web and YouTube for info. Then - "nothing ventured, nothing gained" - deposited some fiat, ordered the beta PrePaid Card, and started "test driving" it.

    No real tipping point for me. The liquidity and low cost of BitGold really sold me. That and interviews with Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb .

    Additionally Josh Crumb and I are both Colorado School of Mines Alumni - so that was a big confidence booster. Not just anyone gets out of CSM with a degree.

    Truth be told, I credit the Neal Stephenson book Cryptonomicon for discovering BitGold when I did.

    - - -

    From http://community.goldmoney.com/discussion/121/cryptonomicon
    I discovered BitGold in August while reading the Neal Stephenson novel Cryptonomicon (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptonomicon) shortly after BitGold expanded into the US market. In fact, Cryptonomicon was directly responsible for my Internet searches that lead me to BitGold.

    From the Wikipedia site:

    "Cryptonomicon is a 1999 novel by American author Neal Stephenson, set in two different time periods. One group of characters are World War II-era Allied codebreakers and tactical-deception operatives affiliated with the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park, and disillusioned Axis military and intelligence figures. The second narrative is set in the late 1990s, with characters that are (in part) descendants of those of the earlier time period, who employ cryptologic, telecom and computer technology to build an underground data haven in the fictional Sultanate of Kinakuta. Their goal is to facilitate anonymous Internet banking using electronic money and (later) digital gold currency ..."

    I can't help but wonder if Roy Sebag and/or Joshua Crumb may have read this book.

    What amazes me is how accurate Stephenson was in predicting the future of digital gold currency and how similar the ideas presented in the fictional Cryptonomicon are to BitGold sixteen years later.

    If you haven't read Cryptonomicon (and enjoy historical fiction, mathematics, cryptology, and/or science fiction) I highly recommend it. If you have read it, I am curious about your thoughts on the similarities between BitGold and the ideas presented in Cryptonomicon.

    - - -

    That is my history, but there is more to it.

    Goldmoney makes gold useful as money once again. It allows us to choose our own personal gold standard.

    Goldmoney is Alchemy. It converts fiat currency into gold and back into fiat at the lowest available transaction fees. Try that with physical gold.


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