Peter Hodgson Discusses Goldmoney on BNN

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Peter Hodgson Discusses Goldmoney on BNN

Today's announcement brings some welcome enhancements to the gilded network. I hope they'll push the platform into China through advertising, support, promotion etc.


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    Interesting except he's another "analyst" that doesn't fully understand it. He said you can spend your gold at "select merchants" .... no .... you can spent it any place that takes a credit card. I look at it as a way to buy and hold gold and rarely spend it. In fact, i've had far more physical gold sent to me then i've ever spent.

    What about most of you .... are you spend or hold ?
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    I want as much exposure to gold as possible so...
    I am buy and hold and buy and spend... I have two vaults I deposit to and have named them savings and spending... I deposit weekly to both and only redeem from spending to my pre-paid card when gold jumps over 1%, if I notice it drop, I will buy adhoc on occasion.
    For me its both and at least for now that seems to be working ok.

    I am still waiting for the day that more merchants will accept Goldmoney as a payment so I can use my spending account to just do a gold payment rather than redeeming back to pre-paid. There are a handful of online retailers that allow it so I guess, yes you can actually pay with gold but in very few cases so far. Would be nice to see a list of merchants that accept Goldmoney payments too.

    Also, I consistently email online merchants and ask them if or when they plan to accept goldmoney as a payment option... so far, they have no plans but will look into it. Its worth a shot :)

    anyone else?
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    @TauntFourstar love this effort! Let us know if any merchants agree to doing this so we can support them here on the Community!
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    We gladly accept Goldmoney

    If / when Goldmoney links up with Shopify or Etsy (or another merchant platform), it will make it easier for merchants to integrate the Goldmoney payment option into the merchants online store. Once that happens the payment part of Goldmoney will begin to grow! I'm sure we'll see something happen this year on that front.
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    @royalkane Tweeted! Were you able to add a Goldmoney Pay button?
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    @GoldMatters No, the pay button doesn't work with my setup (I run through Shopify). Shopify offers a manual payment option so I've activated that and titled it Goldmoney. That way at checkout a customer will have the option for credit card, paypal, and goldmoney. If the customer clicks on Goldmoney it says, "Must have a Goldmoney account to use. An invoice will be sent to you through Goldmoney within 24hrs of receiving your order", or something like that.
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