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I am very excited about my new GoldMoney Account and am looking forward to using it. What I'm not excited about it the fact that a company can have loads of my money and I don't get a phone number to contact anyone. I get the "privilege" of email with a 24 to 48 hour response time. Well... it's been 48 hours and not a word. This is unacceptable for a company that claims to be giving us an option. As much as I loathe the banking system, at least I can contact someone 24/7 365 even if I can't always understand them. With an account base of now almost 1.5 million customers... Goldmoney *must* provide either phone support during business hours and at a minimum LIVE CHAT with someone who has the ability to solve account issues.


  • GoldStandardCanadianGoldStandardCanadian Posts: 148 Bronze ✭✭✭
    I agree there could be more customer service, although we don't want a higher correlated fee either. But there is one Goldmoney admin here who is generally helpful, you can just message her by using @Melanie and I'm sure she'll be happy to help you.
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    @RDSWYSD4 they don't have loads of your money. They store & insure your gold for you at economic rates & earn a small commission when you redeem or spend with their cards... thankfully, they are not a bank. They don't touch/use your gold to finance lending, or investments. If you want them to act like your Butler it will cost you (& more importantly, me) much more... it is what it is & it works, so relax.
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    OK ... the customer service thing is just NOT GOOD! It has been 2 months since the 'card' was supposedly sent. I have left messages here. I have sent emails through the email link on the website. I have sent emails directly to [email protected] . All many times! And still no response! Does the mail really take over 2 months from Canada to Oregon? Why can no one tell me a) if the card has been sent b) when it was sent c) how long should I expect it to take? ... 4) what to do if it doesn't show up.... btw I have never had anything not show up in the mail (I'm 68) I happen to own quite a lot of physical gold. I would like to have more of it with GoldMoney. I would like to be able to recommend GoldMoney to everyone ..... but I can't do that until this is fixed.
    There is no better marketing than great customer service.

    Anyone out there listening?
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    @COJones You may have missed my message here but we have sent you multiple messages asking you to confirm your mailing address with us before we reissue the card. Make sure to send us an email confirming your address in the format I noted in my other comment (follow the link) and we will reissue the card.
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    ..... see ... you have not "sent multiple messages...." my address IS correct and I have verified it through my account .... Your above message says "in the format I noted in my other comment (what other comment?) ...... and "(follow the link) ..... but there is no link! So then you say you will "reissue' the card .... yet I have no idea if one was ever issued!!! When was it issued? When was it mailed? Where was it mailed? I have had none of these problems with anything else..... EVER!
    Again.... I really like the concept of Goldmoney .... and would love to refer people .... and increase my account and business here ..... but how can I when I can't get answers to simple questions?
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    @COJones I think that @Melanie is referring to the embedded link in her above message. Towards the beginning of her above message the word "here" is in blue. This is the link I believe she is referring to. You should be able to click on that word.
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    @COJones I hyperlinked the word "here" in my previous comment to lead to this page -

    We have in fact sent multiple messages, your email client may simply be filtering them. A card was originally issued, it did not arrive with you, so we have requested that you confirm your address before we send a replacement.
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