Prepaid Card Issues

I should have known better than to get involved with a company going through transition. Its extremley easy to deposit your money via Paypal. However, can't get your money back via Paypal at request with the same ease or at all. I found this to be strange seeing as this company is advertised as the new better technologically advanced way to handle your money, everything is just so easy and transparent, 100% safe, you control everything. Not too mention its gold! You sign up and find out, The app and website are both constantly glitchy and having technical issues to the point I'm concerned about the security of the site and company. I requested a prepaid card and then loaded some of the money deposited on to said card. Weeks went by and I never recieved the card. I contacted customer support. I can only assume they issued a second card, becasue the card that I finally received (2 days ago, 2 months after requested) can't be activated because the site is, surprise surprise, having technical issues. Not to mention the card I recieved does not have the funds I loaded previously, because the loaded card is mysteriously gone/lost in the mail/stolen or any other place that is not my wallet. I requested to have all of my funds returned to me and the account closed. This can't be done because once the card is loaded there is nothing they can do. I am beyond frustrated, just want my money back, it was a very small sum to begin with so this should not be this difficult. I lover Peter Schiff and the content he provides, but this service has caused me nothing but aggravation, and frankly I believe the money loaded on the missing card to be gone.


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    @PJB237 It doesn't look like you have deposited via PayPal, only by credit card - but once you have deposited via PayPal, it is very easy to redeem back to your PayPal account or redeem physical metal.

    To clarify, yesterday's brief technical issue did not impact your ability to activate your card, the problem was that you have two cards on file - this was a balance display issue. As per our email to you this morning (which is looks like you have responded to - thank you!), we will listing the new card as the only card on file and will be transferring the balance you had loaded to the original card to the card that arrived.

    You may have misunderstood, or perhaps we were unclear - though we noted that the original card load could not be reversed, that does not mean that nothing can be done. The balance transfer to the new card will rectify the situation for you.
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    So @PJB237 the issue seems to be solved or not?!
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    I had to report a lost or stolen card after a thief attempted to drain my account. The question is now whether or not I can get the remaining balance on the card returned, and if so, how. Although not a lot of money, approximately 80 Euros, it would be nice to get this amount returned.
    Also, I noticed that the thief attempted to take much more than the balance on the card plus all the gold still retained in my Goldmoney account in gold grams, running into the thousands of euros. Happily, the thief did not succeed in getting my money -- I assume that he watched me enter my pin number on the credit card reader.
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