Bank Transfer vs Credit Card Deposits



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    I went back to review my statement and noticed my heavier purchases were really expensive. I thought I was the only one. Glad to know I am not crazy.
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    Lesa71 said:

    I also just discovered the hidden credit card fees the bad way. The good way would be to be told clearly that 2% is added for CC deposits, but this is not stated anywhere. ...
    This is a bad move, Goldmoney. By not communicating the 2% hidden fee clearly I now feel that I am being cheated. NOT the emotion you want to be giving your customers I think...

    I'm in the camp where fee itself doesn't bother me, I understand why it's necessary. The lack of transparency does bother me though. I'll be checking Goldmoney for changes on that front frequently, however will be sticking to APMEX until I see those changes. Transparency is of utmost important in a platform such as this.

    There is too much ambiguity in the settlement price resulting in threads of doubt and distrust. I really hope Goldmoney will remedy this to appease its growing user base.

    Why all the doublespeak? Can't you just say that you were eating the merchant fee before but now you're not?

    GMONEY1 said:

    Also, regarding the Feb 13th Platform announcement: it seemed like Goldmoney did what they were legally required to do---- LONG PAUSE ----
    BUT it seems like clients were expecting more straight-forward language.....we basically needed to read between the lines on this one for the lay interpretation

    @Roy Sebag
    I know I'm a little late here, but have you seen this discussion (past the part when Melanie posted the poorly received email about the TOS changes).

    I'd like to voice my agreement with others, that I think the higher charges on Credit Card purchases is a good and necessary move for Goldmoney, but the implementation and communication about the change was done very poorly and has hurt trust in the company.

    I'm not sure if it has been done elsewhere, but this is such a big issue and has obviously hit such a nerve that I think it would be very helpful to have an some official acknowledgement in this thread (and possibly elsewhere) of the bad communication, and reassurance that it will be done better in the future.

    It would also be great to get some acknowledgement of the user demand for clearer breakdown of all prices and fees when buying and selling.

    Can you throw us a bone? Thanks!
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