Poor stock performance

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    you're referring to xau.to/xaumf?
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    The stock performance is not understandable. I am asking myself if they have bought back shares under the NCIB. I dont think so if you see trading volumes under 10k shares per day. Probably we have to wait for the next earnings to see an uptick.
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    Not sure if you've seen my last post on http://community.goldmoney.com/discussion/comment/23268#Comment_23268

    It's a bit more than number of customers.

    My opinion/view is that they need to partner with some company that has an established network at massive scale already.

    The usd/cad manipulation by Trumps tariff threats doesn't help much either.

    @Steve15 more frequent earnings figures would be helpful, especially after the recent expansion of payment options and the credit card fee displacement. It'll take some time for that to shake out; but more info would be nice.
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    I totally agree with you. More frequent earnings numbers would be helpful. Nevertheless I think that they should use the NCIB to cancel shares. Trading volume is so low that the buyback of just a few shares should have a big impact. And the price seems right for a buyback in my opinion.
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    also IMO quants are still playing this... they are keeping the EMA50 less than the EMA90 and less than the EMA200 as long as possible.
    @Steve15 if there is a large buy-back (or just large buying at the asks)...at scale... given the low volume... the rapid shift in those EMAs (i.e. if EMA50 jumps above EMA90 and EMA200) could trigger some interesting rules-based programmatic buying. The alternative though is big players increase the gap on the current short term trend in EMAs.

    Just my 2 grams worth.
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    @GMONEY1 that was a good technical breakdown! Idk that we want share buybacks. I'd prefer to maintain the best and cleanest balance sheet. keep rev growth going and expand and invest in new areas. Although there business is gold its sketchy to being buying shares at the top of a business cycle. I think they have a good product and they arnt too far from profitability ...
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    As a shareholder i can say i couldn't care less about the short term value of the Goldmoney share. As of today i'm -12% on my investment but i'm in this for the long run. The upcoming report will most likely be fairly close to guesstimates with GM earnings still in the red for the full year.

    The next report however, coming some time in August? That will be interesting because i think management has cut a lot of cost - may we for the first time see earnings in black? Fingers crossed - this is what i think will happen and if that comes true it will fairly quickly be reflected in the share value.

    A key figure would be cost / new user account. Last report i think it was close to $20 - i don't know if this is good/normal/bad for this type of operation - it's not a social media after all but a fintech company.

    Just my .02 GAU
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    The support is there at 3.25ish. How long that line continue for is anyone's guess, but a breakout is imminent in my opinion.
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    Don't care about the current share price. I just want to know that Josh and Roy are working hard for the shareholders and have a plan to profitability. The share price will take care of its self.

    With that said, I have faith in Roy and Josh.
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    NCIB? So the answer to low volume and low liquidity is to buyback shares and decrease the float? Yeah, right.
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    Hello to everyone
    First of all i do own some shares allready, got them for 2.70 CAD last year during this period when the price went down to a low of 2.5x CAD.
    I was looking forward to buy some more if the price going under 3 CAD What happend today. What did stopped me from buying was the fact that the decline in stockprice comes together with the slow down of new sign ups.
    And the fact that from an investor view i do miss a little bit more update with numbers and what the plans are for the next lets say 12-36 month.
    Maybe i missed some news. Just texting here to hear some other informations or thoughts which i maybe missed.
    BW to everybody
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    Look forward to some news or additional product may or June... Check out the last couple minutes of this video.

    If you wanna get ahead of any buying now might be that time but I'm not a pro investor either.
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    I'll try to keep this as objective as possible.

    The 500 day EMA just came into view at about $4.17. We're trading below $3 currently... with negative momentum technically.
    The selling over the past 4 days appears to be tactical by whoever is shorting. It appears to be deliberate to keep the 30EMA from crossing above the 50EMA... or to prevent the slope (or derivative) of the EMAs from turning positive---the slopes of 30, 50, 90, and 200 EMAs were/are all negative.

    The subjective part: Whoever is manhandling this stock from a trading perspective is either reeeally good at what they do, or they have unlimited resources. (I'm guessing the latter).

    I'm hoping someone else who has "unlimited" resources doubles/triples down (buying) on the their positions to squeeze the short(s) out so that we can have real price discovery on a revolutionary idea and platform.

    p.s. I am not the short :wink:
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    @GMONEY1 You are 100% correct in everything you said. I watched it happen. Annoying to watch. I hope one of the billionaire backers wants to load up more shares and put some squeeze on.
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    Thx a lot for the answers.
    Is there a good website where you can look up the % of Shortposition (compared to the free floating shares) i do know there are regulations @ some stock markets that it has to be published. But since i never have traded bevore @toronto stock exchange, i aks maybe you guys know more.
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    All great responses. Im in the U.S and dont have access to shares traded on TSE I own Xaumf(OTC shares). If anybody knows any good resources for someone in the states to get more info on GM metrics, insider info, short %, inst. ownership etc that would be greatly appreciated. Also, does anybody who knows more about Canada think GM stock will get hurt if canada financials get wrecked because of the housing market issues? Since GM is a fintech i was thinking it may get beat up in the short term because of that.
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