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Are live charts not working? The page comes up but no charts are shown for the last few days ... any idea why that is and if live charts will be restored soon?


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    Good call, it isn't working on my end either.

    Maybe @Melanie or @Chris can ask their IT team.
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    I am using this link trying to impress prospects to get a Goldmoney account ... recent replies were: "What charts?" ... it would be a great referral tool, if we could use the button "Open a Free Account" as our own affiliate link when the page starts working again ... it makes for an interesting discussion when you ask a prospect if they see a potential buying point when reading the chart ... :)

    @GoldIsCurrency - what do you make of my brief review here?

    Let's hope we get word soon what's wrong with it and when operation will be back to normal!
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    Aye, at least two days in a row. Very irritating.
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    @opti Good for you promoting Goldmoney!

    The Live Gold Prices I find to be more impacting to the average Joe. Everyone understand percentages and it is easy to see how gold performs over longer periods of time.

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    @GoldIsCurrency - Any chart with a few technical indicators which give you the ability to anticipate price movement is a superior tool to a table of numbers, even to the less enlightened ... a list of numbers only provide a snap-shot for the moment ... until they are turned into a graph

    What does +1.23% today and -0.98 the day before tell you, or any one who may like to see a trend, a correction, a reversal ... or just a good point to buy or sell?

    @Jacinto_747 - Hard to understand why there was no official comment posted by now explaining the issue to the user community ... :(
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    Hi everyone! We are taking a look at the charts, thanks for your patience :)
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    @opti Sure, charts are great for traders. But for the average person that doesn't understand gold is money (not an investment) it is better for them to look to see how their local currency compares to gold over time. This helps the average man better understand fiat currency erosion. Gold is the only money that holds its value over time and THAT is the selling point. Cheers.
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    @GoldIsCurrency well said GMH
    @Melanie Once more TLM is on the case!
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    Melanie said:

    Hi everyone! We are taking a look at the charts, thanks for your patience :)

    @Melanie - Any indications how long it will be before they are working again?

    Is greater functionality being added, or what? So far we had line charts and candle sticks which didn't actually work too well ... moving averages would be a very good indicator to add to OHLC bar charts! Is that being worked on now?
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    I may an answer, I don't know precisely but here's what I found... With the Chrome developer tools I observed this error on xau.js:
    'observe' on 'MutationObserver': parameter 1 is not of type 'Node'

    That means that some element on the page (a node) is not fully loaded when the xau.js script executes.

    The site that I host is

    I observed that on the site, the script tag is placed right before the div containing the chart:

    script src="//" /script
    div id="goldmoney-live-prices" data-currencies="USD,GBP,CAD,EUR,AUD,JPY" data-display-ounce="true"
    iframe src="//,GBP,CAD,EUR,AUD,JPY&d=null&m=null&o=true&r=null" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="width: 100%; min-width: 200px; min-height:348px;" id="live-price-container"

    (I removed the tags otherwise the script is removed from the comment)

    In my case, the script was up on top of the page in the header. Supposing some recent latency in the Goldmoney servers (lately meaning that the xau.js is received slower than before from the server to our browsers ), I moved the script just before the div in my page... and that worked, the chart appears on Gold'N'Roll ! ;)

    But the root problem must be some small latency in the Goldmoney network somewhere...

    By the way, I'm unemployed at the moment and actively looking for a job :) if you have an opportunity opened to work for Goldmoney customer support (technical or not, even part-time, French speaker) that would be great :)


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    Neat investigative and programming work there @GoldNRoll .

    Also, anyone who likes macro charts should check out

    I have no affiliation with the site, but I use it frequently.
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    @GMONEY1 - The Chicago Mercantile Exchange has high quality Interactive Live Charts - it just takes a few clicks to get to them and format them the way you like!

    @GoldNroll - You have a very nice site there, congratulations! Did you write the program code from scratch or is it a customized script? Do you run your own server? I would use your program to load it up with marketing and traffic scripts for sale and provide add-on services, like installation and set-up, etc.

    How much would you ask for a copy? I may be interested in buying it. I provide low cost traffic ... :)
  • GoldNRollGoldNRoll Bronze ✭✭✭ Posts: 213 Bronze ✭✭✭
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    @opti - Thank you!

    The site is coded from scratch by me. ASP.NET forms for authentication and SQL queries and AJAX on front-end. It's fully functional but I still have some work to make it optimal.
    I host it on a physical server at home, secured by pfSense firewall. Domain and email provided by Namecheap. I also think of Namecheap for a potential cloud hosting. They're more expensive than GoDaddy but they have an excellent support and they are very honest on internet privacy.

    There's also a Facebook page I just started, that should be worked out:

    Until now I didn't seriously think of selling a copy and a price for that... please give me this Monday to come up with an answer.

    In case you assign a developer to take over the hosting and the coding, we'll have to work together through the code and the migration until the site is passed to you. Though I would like to keep a collaboration.

  • GoldNRollGoldNRoll Bronze ✭✭✭ Posts: 213 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @opti - Is it possible to send me an email to [contact at] so we can discuss in private?
    Thanks again, Alex
  • optiopti Tin ✭ Posts: 34 Tin ✭
    @GoldNroll - Thanks for the reply, Alex ... I'll be in touch via email :)
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    Can't believe this still isn't fixed. Goldmoney, just give GoldNRoll a job, will yers!
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    @Jacinto_747 - Guess what? The charts are back ... ahahah - nothing changed ... even the trend is in tact , in CND it looks like it's going to make a new HI soon ... rais your trailing stop, boys and girls!
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    ANNNNNNNNNNNND it's not working again. Thanks for the irritation, Goldmoney! Might go and put my gold in the Royal Mint's competitor service if this keeps up...
  • Jacinto_747Jacinto_747 Tin ✭ Posts: 7 Tin ✭
    Incredibly irritating. Just getting a black screen for this page. Why make changes to something that used to work fine?
  • GoldIsCurrencyGoldIsCurrency Gold ✭✭✭✭✭ Posts: 1,811 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Jacinto_747 It works fine for me. Maybe check you link.
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    Hi @Jacinto_747, @GoldIsCurrency,

    It looks like Goldmoney changed a lot about everything and for good reasons :smile:
    But the changes are not the source of the problem.

    I reproduced the problem in the last days. I compared the network traces when the xau.js script link is placed in head or in the body of the page, they are similar.

    The problem is that when placed in the head section of the page, because javascript is asyncronous, not always the document.body object is present when the function in xau.js is executed. And this is random.

    In my case, document.body === null when the following executes:

    var i=["goldmoney-live-prices","bitgold-live-prices"],n=new MutationObserver(e);

    Form here the error that the "parameter 1 of object observer is not of type Node".

    I would suggest two solutions:

    1) I don't know the implications, but maybe naming the main anonymous function in xar.js and adding at the end of the file something like the following will work:
    window.addEventListener("load", name-of-the-function);

    2) Modify the how-to page for the installation of the widget with a code that puts the script right above the gldmoney-live-prices div in the body of our pages.


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    Hey @GoldNRoll, I don't think the software people at Goldmoney monitor this forum. I've reported a couple bugs to customer support - - and I got a quick response.
  • GoldNRollGoldNRoll Bronze ✭✭✭ Posts: 213 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @SpontaneousOrder Great, thanks! Whatever works to solve it
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    @Jacinto_747 - I added a nice chart to this page here ... - the server was down for a while but is fine now so you should be able to see the interactive, real time chart here now, as well as the Goldmoney table of prices !
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