Bill Pay (& standard banking features)

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As I am putting greater share of my M1 & M2 deposits/savings into Goldmoney, they are going to need Bill Pay features to match the utility of current checking accounts. That is one key feature that I am missing right now to make this my primary money hub. A nice to have would be the ability to write a check against my holdings as well.

If I could direct deposit and then pay credit card & utility bills...... sold!


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    That would be really cool if we had Bill Pay. Hopefully that will be a feature in the future. Once we have it, there won't be a need for a bank account. Just a Goldmoney account. We can all become unbanked.
  • GMONEY1GMONEY1 Posts: 426 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Just want to bring this back to the top of the activity board. I am reeeeally hoping Bill Pay will be an added feature over the next two weeks ( when they release payment options to the new holding) .
    I'm not sure exactly how they're going to do it (ie routing numbers etc) but I am chomping at the bit to pay directly from my holding as a bank alternative.
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    GMONEY1 said:

    I am reeeeally hoping Bill Pay will be an added feature over the next two weeks ( when they release payment options to the new holding).

    What payment options are you talking about that they are still going to release? The peer-to-peer payment system already is available now for the new holdings (the US only had to wait a couple days after the Holding announcement, and other places were even faster I believe). Have they talked about any other payment features they still haven't released?

    Or are you talking about the funding methods and business tools that they've said they're still working on?
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    @mr1 I didn't realize that the P2P metal payments were updated and live in new US accounts. Thanks for the heads up.

    In terms of the payments/billpay that I was referring to... I would like to be able to pay utility bills, credit card bills, etc from my holding so that I don't really need a bank. This should be possible, and would increase the utility of the holding account by like 60-70%. Bill Pay is where the majority of my transaction are with a standard bank, so imo that is where some opportunity lies for GM to gain market share and traction in the financial services industry.

    In terms of feature roll out, I was also referring to funding methods (ach, cc, PayPal, etc). If the surprise addition were Bill Pay, I would be ecstatic.
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