Total Radio Silence

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Is there actually anybody on the Goldmoney side of this thing. Multiple messages to multiple channels, zero response.

Am I the only one suffering from this? Not too keen to have these people handling my money to be perfectly honest.

Please respond customer support


  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,073 Admin
    Thank you for bringing my attention to this I have passed this along for you
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,073 Admin
    @daveyboy103 Can you clarify if you are having an issue with a personal account or is it a holding?
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    @daveboy103, I have the same situation. No response whatsoever. I've tried secure messages in my holding panel multiple times (ignored), tried to call +44-1534-633-933 (robotic voice takes messages but nobody calls back), sent e-mail to GM support team via online form, posted my issue here on forum - to no avail. Every time I get a confirmation that my message is passed somewhere, but nothing happens. I just noticed that I haven't tried [email protected] yet, so I will try it now - who knows.
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    @Roy Sebag @Josh @Goldmatters ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Are delivery logistics and timetables being affected by weather, flights, customs, supply chain, etc.?

    Interested to hear what the issue is here. @RocketDog is definitely an advocate for the company; it'd be great to see this resolved.
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    >RocketDog is definitely an advocate for the company; it'd be great to see this resolved.

    So, if somebody is not an advocate for the company, their issues don't need to be resolved.
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    @ilya, I don't think that is what @GMONEY1 was implying. I think he was just being supportive of someone he sees on the board now and then. I am sure we all agree that every customer should receive a reasonable level of service (or better). Peace and an improved experience be with you.
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    ilya said:

    So, if somebody is not an advocate for the company, their issues don't need to be resolved.

    @ilya , I did not say that. All customers are important; and all customers who are genuinely here to use the platform should be treated with the highest level of customer service.

    That said, it would not be good for the momentum of the company or the morale in the community to lose one of it's most active, engaged, and supportive customers. For example, @Goldmatters path from enthusiastic customer to a consultant/liaison at the company sends a very positive message (to me at least); but if he (or @RocketDog) were to start sharing cautionary anecdotes... and distanced themselves from the company/platform... that wouldn't be a very comforting sign.
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    I agree @GMONEY1 , and you are absolutely correct, every single client is very important. As promised, I continue to read every post on this forum, and as promised, I am passing along everything I can to help everyone on the community . While not able to provide updates on cases, be assured the appropriate parties are being informed. I also want to thank you, @RocketDog and the other community members that pitch in to help. That's what the community is here for :)
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    Hi @Goldmatters !

    I've sent three e-mails to customer service, but no response. @Melanie used to help me out. Can you or @ParisG look into my issue? I transferred cash to Goldmoney last week without my account being credited. Please check it out. Let me know if you need more info. Thank you.
  • TexTex Posts: 197 Bronze ✭✭✭
    @rocketdog Did you ever receive your gold?

    Has anyone done a physical redemption from a holding account since the change in June?
  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 826 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    @Tex I did not receive my gold shipment, nor have I had any contact from customer service yet, other than the robot mail reply. I redeemed on August 12. I would like to redeem more (silver) but am reluctant to put in another order until the previous one is fulfilled or until I get some sort of real contact from Goldmoney.
  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 826 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Well that was a surprise. The gold showed up the same day as the tracking number. They sent 3-Packs of cubes instead of 4-Packs. So as I suspected, they were just out of 4-packs, and probably too administratively swamped to deal with it. But it is all the same (total number of cubes).
    Therefore, seems like patience worked out in this case. (OK I wasn't entirely patient...but mostly patient.)

    I am a big fan of Goldmoney: the concept, and what they have achieved so far. I know they are in a rough spot.
    I am also a big fan of transparency, so it might seem counter-productive to some, for me to be a fan of Goldmoney, and yet admit on this forum that there are issues. But I think my message is that though there are issues, I have grown to trust this company, and I hope that many of the new members and others that have been having issues will give Goldmoney a chance to pull their new ops together.
    Maybe start with small deposits and small redemptions until you understand the processes (that's what I did) and until they work the wrinkles out of the system. Also understand that the gold transactions are not totally digital. There is a physical aspect, when depositing to your account, and even loading your prepaid card, some physical gold has to be verified and then moved on a ledger before the cash moves into your card.
    (It might help to imagine the goblins in Gringotts bank moving gold from one vault to another (Harry Potter) when planning your transactions.)
    So don't expect to do lightening quick, last-minute transfers with Goldmoney. You have to plan ahead a little in the old days before ATMs, you had to go to the bank on Friday if you wanted money for Saturday night.

    But it is worth those small delays to be transacting in real gold...real money.
    Someday, in the not too distant future, all that handy digital cash in your bank account can just go "poof" and disappear (not Harry Potter -- currency collapse). Our gold will still be with us. Unless the Deatheaters come to the Brinks vaults to get our gold. In which case we'll have to form Goldmoney's Army and practice our Patronus protections.

    Yes, these are dark times for fiat currency, very dark times.
    Give Goldmoney a chance.
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    @RocketDog Glad to hear the little ones arrived safely. Every time I redeemed (from my personal account), the gold arrived very quickly.

    They've got to be moving from Dillion Gage to SchiffGold for redemption's. I wonder if that may have been part of the delay. I'm sure its a logistical headache.

    The change to the holding account has been rough. Combining the two systems has to be a headache plus it seems that the two companies (BitGold and Goldmoney) had a different cultures. BitGold was a fast pace wave of the future with a younger vibe where Goldmoney was a slower older feel. (Like a father and son). So I'm sure there is some growing pains by finally bringing those two cultures together.

    Hopefully GM gets the customer service thing straightened out ASAP. That will make or break any company and for an online company it's probably more important than the product.

    I know once everything is in place this should take off, well that is my hope. It's really easy to see the HUGE opportunity Goldmoney offers and I'm glad that there is this type of option available.
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