Timely Deposits and Redemptions

RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 821 Silver ✭✭✭✭
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I just wanted to write an update to some of my previous posts.
Lately my deposits and redemptions have all been happening in a timely manner.
Deposits may take 1 - 2 days to clear in Toronto (as usual) -- using an American bank and ACH transfers from a personal account.
Redemptions have been timely as well. Physical metals were shipped in 2 days and received within 4 days.

I know that being in USA and having a Personal account are advantages in better service at the moment. But I do not see why that level of service and reliability can't be matched in the Holding accounts in the future, (obviously they have the technology and they know how to do it). It is just a matter of getting it implemented.

I hope your user experiences are improving as well.


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