Everything working well

You normally only hear from people on this board if there's a problem (myself included) but if I'm going to use this board to bring up problems, it's only fair I also say when things are working well. I've had many many successful transactions in a row for sometime and I'm happy to be receiving such an inexpensive service.


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    @mau5trap I'm happy that everything is working fine for you.

    Unfortunately, for a lot of users here, things are very different: verification process is nearly impossible, selling/redeeming gold from personal account gives me an error, customer support is far from good, and promised new features are not as expected (see the new 'verify' link on the dashboard, it brings me to a page where there is the same exact verification form that we were supposed to fill out before. This to me is far from a "new and simplified verification process").

    It is easy to receive 'Likes' here when you say good things about the company. It seems they pay attention to the good things but not the things that really need to be fixed/improved/updated.
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