Withdrawal confirmed but no funds

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I have made a initiated a withdrawal from Goldmoney business over to my business UK bank account a few days ago. However a few days later the withdrawal shows as confirmed however nothing is in my business bank account. I contacted my companies bank who have informed me that there is nothing pending to be added to the company account, They have requested a trace from Goldmoney's side to prove it was sent and trace where it is.

Please can someone help as its a significant sum of money which needs to be allocated to pay corporation tax.



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    Someone please help?

    @Goldmatters @Melanie

    Thanks in advance.
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    The lack of support on this matter is not filling me with any confidence. My business still hasnt received its funds and this is on the cusp of becoming a legal matter.
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    Having had an account since the bit gold days. I'd like to offer a little advice. If it's money you need don't put it here. I can only get money on my card. Once I don't have the card anymore I'm screwed. I had a verified bank account but it's never worked. I managed to get it to work one time for an ACH withdraw then suddenly they pulled that off the table for the U.S. customers. I'm afraid to try any other way. I tried once a wire and it remained pending for three weeks. I had to email and email until it was fixed. I never recovered the 22.00 dollars they took from me for the fee. For a wire transfer that never happened.
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    So how long does it take after the confirmation of the withdrawal in Goldmoney to appear in my bank account?
    After 4 businessdays i got the approval for withdrawal from GOldmoney yesterday, but today my bank account still didn't receive any money.
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    This could take up to 12 working days (which is not always the fault of GM) – this is just my experience.
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