Gold Bugs Celebrate!

RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 760 Silver ✭✭✭✭
Anyone else enjoying this gold rally? I am fairly stoked. Gold going up, stocks going down...good times! Maybe silver will come out of it's coma too!


  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,017 Admin
    Hip hip hurray! Here’s to you @rocketdog :)
  • ReallylikecryptoReallylikecrypto Posts: 51 Copper ✭✭
    I am ecstatic that if there is a big market crash, us Gold Holdlers will be in an amazing position!!!! That is what we are doing here hoping for a better future, and setting our fellow man up for success.

    However, anytime there are concerns that may appear to be negative for GM on this forum, no reasonable or even any answer is offered by our "high ranking," members, and I think that, sometimes they may even be "knocked off," the forum, like these issues are best not addressed, but lets wait and see what develops with the platform and hope for the best. I see why an ostrich would bury his/her head in the sand until the predator has gone away.

    All good, but will somebody here have the courage to respond to people that have legit concerns that frankly, probably scare the wits out of many members that have substantial holdings (substantial being subjective,) reassuring that this (GM,) is actually going to succeed in what we all hoped that it would. Please @Goldmatters and other admin types offer some feedback to these concerned individuals to give the rest of us busy people some hope. Let's be honest, non EU holders have seriously lost liquidity options here lately. Whilst not to be a complete Bear, can we have some integrity and support here in this community?

    Or shall we just continue to celebrate the breakdown of the western financial system and never question how GM is really troubling its clients in a massive market (non EU.)
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