how do I add another bank account

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I want to add an additional bank account, and though the instructions show that it's easy to do, I find no menu, no button, no directions to add another bank account to withdraw fund to.


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    @mmish2 ,
    At the top left of your acct/overview screen, mouse click on the 'hamburger' (the 3 line bar) to open a drop down menu.
    - Scroll down a bit and look for "Bank Accounts".. and click to open..
    - At top right of screen you should see a button.. "Add Bank Account". Click on this and..
    - Input the pertinent bank information into the form. (Contact your bank if not sure).
    - Done. (Now do a small $ test 'redemption' to confirm all is working before committing to a larger $sum on first go.
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    On my HOLDING OVERVIEW screen, there is no option to select BANK ACCOUNTS with the 3 line upper left icon pull down window. I need help with this ASAP I have a somewhat urgent situation. I simply want to withdraw to a bank different from the bank I originally set up my account with.
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    OK, I take it you have the "Holding" acct. not a 'Personal' acct.
    Sorry, but the information I gave you was for the "Personal" acct.

    Your issue with access to several services within the 'Holding acct' is the reason I never 'upgraded' to a Holding acct.
    - You definitely need to look at the 'Support page' (if available to you) or contact someone directly within 'Support services'.
    - Usually making contact with a client service person will resolve issues fairly quickly for you.
    Good Luck..
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