What's going on with Goldmoney?

batgoldbatgold Posts: 4 Tin ✭
It's seems like Goldmoney's functionality has been waining - at least since I joined. Goldmoney App is gone. Debit Card is gone. Stock is way down. I see lots of complaints about poor customer service, but it doesn't seem as if anything is ever addressed.

Am I missing anything? Are they undergoing some very big changes behind the scenes?
I really like Goldmoney and Mene and really appreciate what they are trying to do. I just never see anything new or updates as to what is upcoming. Thoughts?


  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 759 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Hello @batgold your observations seem spot on to me. As a shareholder, I don't really want to say anything bad about Goldmoney, and I do think they are an honest company. But I have to agree that functionality has dropped way off and I don't really think they are doing anything about it. I don't think they want to. I don't think they see any profit in it. Why do I say this? I work for a software company. We are constantly telling our customers about the next great thing that we are going to roll out. We constantly set ambitious release dates, and sometimes have to roll them back. But we also do so with a reason, and explain the next solution and the next target date. I really don't see that type of behavior here. You can say that this is a finance company not a software company, but it is a finance with software company, and the software is not advancing, therefore I don't think the financial product is advancing either.
  • powslayerpowslayer Posts: 118 Bronze ✭✭✭
    active trader is coming.
  • ProsperProsper Posts: 14 Tin ✭
    If they hire me I can fix it!!! I bet 90 days of pay at half the standard rate. Then when a turnaround I want the full amount. Take a risk. I want to see this company succeed they just need additional talent to connect with the original vision, mission, goals, and objectives. I have done it before. Do you guys have a vendor system? I'm serious, I have had people sign-up and because of technicalities they never used the service even though I shouted praise for the company for years. We can DO BETTER TOGETHER.
  • UvasUvas Posts: 680 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Roy is getting richer, that is all that matters...
  • ReallylikecryptoReallylikecrypto Posts: 51 Copper ✭✭
    Wow, this is an awesome thread.

    Thanks for your input on this matter @RocketDog . I have been really worried about the loss of the MasterCard due to EU Regs. Can you imagine if the EU decided to confiscate PM's and the Channel Islands (really part of the EU?) had no choice but to comply and say something like "Due to the changing regulatory environment, GM has to sell all client assets at a value of 35 dollars per ounce and to receive your currency settlement please begin our new verification process by taking a verified selfie and wait 6 months." I know that sounds loco, it may be, but I'm terrified that I will not be able to wire transfer my funds to my US bank.

    Does anybody think that they are having liquidity problems, being the reason for slow transfers? Does this even make any sense? Small transfers, no worries you wait a while. Larger transfers...anybody know? Leveraging too much metal?
  • TimKTimK Posts: 90 Bronze ✭✭✭
    See above? That is a typical admin response. Copy and paste an article. Who cares!!! Interact with your customers!!!!!!

  • batgoldbatgold Posts: 4 Tin ✭
    A link to the financial results doesn't address what has been brought up in this thread. We all want to see Goldmoney succeed, I just think some of us would like a few more answers. I'll continue to be patient for now.
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,015 Admin
    @batgold you are right. To clarify, the link was solely provided to address the liquidity concerns in the thread directly above.

    I could have been clearer on that.
  • LGJLGJ Posts: 68 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Great Thread. I totally missed it. Just wanted to add my thoughts. I want Goldmoney to succeed. Such a great idea. I wonder if Bitgold was primed to boom if there was a global economic downturn back when it launched. I have thought that the global economy was on the cusp of a serious set of changes for a couple of years. If suddenly people were desperate for a stable form of money, bitgold was the thing. I wish they would keep that dream of savings and payment platform alive. As a stock holder, I would be happy going down with that ship.
  • mr1mr1 Posts: 375 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    I agree with others. This is a great thread.

    I've been trying to wait patiently but Goldmoney has been having customer service and execution issues for too long.

    Seems like there needs to be a shake up of leadership somewhere. Roy and Josh seem great but maybe one or both need to step aside at least partly and get in some new leadership that can get this straightened out.

    Do they have controlling share of the company? Could they ever be voted out?
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