Gold Money Holdings Terrible!

Well here we are 3 months later and The Gold Money Holdings account is not only more expensive but with less options and a poor user interface. With My Gold Money Personal account I could directly buy gold on a schedule. With the Holdings account unless you go through the inconvenience of a wire transfer, I would have to use my credit card, get charged 3% convenience fee, and that is just to load the account. Then I have to actually use that money to then purchase gold with the .5% tax. With the Personal account I can directly purchase Gold without the 3% convenience. I have a hard time paying money just for the capability to use my money. There is no way to schedule recurring transactions like with the personal account. This is supposed to be better? Not to mention what will happen when my Personal Gold Money Pre-Paid Credit Card expires? Am I just out of luck? Will I be forced to get a Holdings account card, and will that card have Personal and Holding Account capabilities? Probably not...... That will be the end of my personal account. I will cash out and find another option. I stopped my recurring gold purchases with my personal account because I was not sure which direction this company was headed. I'm Glad I did.


  • speedymeadiespeedymeadie Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    Hi All. Not a happy bunnie. Just used my debit card (not credit card) to purchase £20k gold and have been charged £600 for the purchase. This is unacceptable as this is as good as using cash. Why do gold money make these charges? apart from greed. All the best Martin Mead
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    I swore over GM to all my friends and ranted about this being the way to boycott big banks... so happy they did not listen to me.
    I had the bulk of my savings here and got with a 10 day notice your card is dead... I ate away at my savings as fast as I could to turn my savings at least onto real stuff... I could not withdraw from ATMs as the magnetic band was damaged by a high strength magnet I had, but that was my fault...

    Long story short I had to burn half my savings and I now have the other half in an iliquid form on goldmoney and I can't even pretend to ask for gold coins little by little as the costs to ask for physical delivery dwarfs apmex's craziest days.

    So now I only have $7.5k of money I can't touch and I have to go back to big banking... talk about a lose-lose-lose scenario.
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    is there any GM manager to comment please?
  • ArnoudArnoud Posts: 3 Tin ✭
    Still no response?
  • Nc1Nc1 Posts: 15 Tin ✭
    Being verified today, I agree that the fact the recurring transfer option desapeared & fees are terrible..
    holding is terrible;
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